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teachinla California
12/26/16 11:02 am

Never sleep alone. I sleep with a dog and a cat.

goerkecarol Aurora, Colorado
12/26/16 6:51 am

I love all animals.

We had three dogs, Sammie our Rottweiler, Charlie our Lab/Doberman mix and Laddye our Collie. We lost the last one this summer, Laddye!

My husband doesn't want another dog because it's to painful when we loose them and he thinks we are to old. He's sixty and I'm sixty-four. I want to give a older dog a home because they're so often overlooked in shelters.

Any ideas how to talk my husband into giving an older dog a forever home?

We have four cats.

teachinla California
12/26/16 11:03 am

Just take your husband to the local animal shelter. An older dog's sad eyes will probably do the trick.

goerkecarol Aurora, Colorado
12/26/16 11:17 am

Thanks. That's a good idea but he has to drive. I'm on meds that keep me from driving.

I've been using the Internet; Dumb Friends League, and the Aurora Animal Shelter and have shown him some great dogs. He'll check out the dog along with my begging and pleading but that's where it ends.

I'm not sure I could go shopping for a dog because I want to bring them all home and I end up in tears. I want them all to get their deserving forever homes.

goerkecarol Aurora, Colorado
12/26/16 11:19 am

Forever homes.

This is getting old SOH, dropping the last part of a sentence!