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dfish December 25th, 2016 6:31am

SOHAH: Do you prefer oral sex to be more foreplay or do you like to work it in once intercourse has started?

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12/25/16 7:27 pm

I'd like it any time.

simplyjoyful Texas
12/25/16 11:21 am

It should be before during and after to start all.over lol

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
12/24/16 11:59 pm

This isn't really an either/or question for me. The cliched "both" is applicable.

dfish at home
12/25/16 12:30 am

I probably could've clarified better. Both would warrant an "in between" answer to the poll.

dfish at home
12/24/16 11:32 pm

This is assuming it's not just an oral encounter