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4JC December 24th, 2016 6:44am

If part of your family cannot get there for your Christmas Eve or Christmas Day celebration, is it more important to you to celebrate on that day or to have more of your family members there?

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Krystina Let Freedom Reign
12/26/16 12:40 pm

The day only because I have no family left besides my mother and she's close by so the scenario will never apply to me.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
12/25/16 8:29 pm

we always celebrated when everyone had the day off of work. Sometimes that didn't always work. Oh, well. I could always open presents when I got home. I might have bitched about it, but who cares? the holiday took place in the morning. you don't do crap for the rest of the day...

teachinla California
12/24/16 2:25 pm

Actually, Christmas is 12 days long. It starts on the 25th and goes until about the 6th of January. Therefore, you've got a wide choice.

DonWichita Kansas
12/24/16 11:29 am

A few years ago we had so many interruptions that we didn't have our Christmas get-together until Easter.
It didn't hurt any, we all enjoyed it, the events honor each other & I got the extension on taking the Christmas decorations down.
Merry Christmas & Blessed Easter to all.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
12/24/16 1:57 pm

Wow, Don! We thought we were late the year we celebrated on Jan 4th! Lol If you're on FB, did you post pics of Christmas on Easter?! Lol

Marzyq South of North Dakota
12/24/16 9:20 am

We celebrated last night, because my daughter and her husband won't be around today or tomorrow.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/24/16 8:45 am

We will carry on without them but it still feels odd.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
12/24/16 7:08 am

We have celebrated on alternative days.

Jazzy5 USA
12/24/16 6:39 am

What ever works for you!

12/24/16 6:07 am

Our vacation, reservations, flights etc. all start the 26 th of Dec every year. We are not flexible because of out extended holiday travel. Every year.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
12/24/16 5:12 am

We're celebrating after this year because of having family coming in from out of town.


jmw7477 Indiana
12/24/16 3:57 am

My husband and I aren't Christian. We only do anything for Christmas because of our families. The actual day doesn't matter to us.

drinkdrank Ohio
12/24/16 1:28 am

Most of my family on my moms side is in ohio, except for 2 in Georgia. So we celebrate in ohio, but the 2 from Georgia pick the day, given its on the holiday or a weekend.

garrettr Alabama
12/24/16 12:20 am

We do Christmas whenever. This year I'm having one on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas. Just availability of family.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
12/23/16 11:57 pm

Let the family get together.
I honor the Christmas eve tradition but there's no shame in postponing it if it only works out that way.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
12/23/16 11:45 pm

Poll question for those on iPads:

If part of your family cannot get there for your Christmas Eve or Christmas Day celebration, is it more important to you to celebrate on that day or to have more of your family members there?

Left answer: The day
Right answer: Family


4JC Christian Pastors Wife
12/23/16 11:47 pm

When our kids were little, we had to travel 13 hrs w/a baby on Xmas Eve, to be w/family that insisted we celebrate on the 25th. So we had to do Santa with our older three kids a night early, because we had a Christmas Eve service my husband had to lead on the 24th. He led the service, we left that night after the service, drove the entire night and then celebrated with extended family the next day, with very little sleep. We decided we wouldn't do that to our grown kids. It is more important to us that everyone can be there, than that it be on the exact date.

missmorganmarie ...
12/24/16 5:22 am

that doesn't sound like fun. good call 😐