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4JC December 24th, 2016 6:31am

We know someone that puts up 7 Xmas trees, + a lot of other decorations. I used to do more than now, but health & lack of space prohibit that, & I'm doing good to do 1 tree, stockings & Nativity Scene. Do U go hog wild over Xmas decs?Comment!

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Krystina Let Freedom Reign
12/26/16 12:54 pm

We do a decent amount, probably more than most people. I have 4 trees this year: a large floor to ceiling tree done in red and gold with red lights, a 4" white tree done in pink, blue, and purple with pink and blue lights, a small table top tree with multi-colored decorations done in white lights, and a white tree outside done in pink/red lights and garland. Plus, we have a snowman, a deer, and perimeter lights outside and archway, doorway, and perimeter lights throughout the downstairs, and I have a lit up Christmas village as well. Then there's all the snowmen, stockings, Santa figurines, etc. throughout the downstairs. It sounds like a lot here, but believe it or not, we just talked the other day and both of us feel our outside is lacking. We want to do more next year. Depends on money though.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
12/25/16 8:24 pm

My mom used to go hog wild with angels. She had a big collection of them. My dad is the total opposite. He has hardly anything up. No tree, just candles and his mother's nativity scene. BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG... I miss my mom's angels all over the place

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/24/16 2:29 pm

I try to stay out of the way. My wife goes berserkers. It's her favorite thing, and I can't think of a reason in the world why anyone would want to take it away from her.

DonWichita Kansas
12/24/16 11:44 am

Do what we can and thankful for what we have.
Merry Christmas!

orgblu10 Shamerica
12/24/16 11:20 am

We have a ton of interior decorations, so I do get into it in the living room, entryway, and on the tree. Very basic on the outside of the house, though. Maybe that will change next year.

12/24/16 10:28 am

I don't have the time or energy with little ones. We do a tree, stockings, houses and nativity.

12/24/16 9:39 am

I go hog wild some years other years I go away and do nothing. I just do what I want to do. Other people are not in the decision making or in my enjoyment. I am happy!

lcamino Florida and Georgia
12/24/16 9:21 am

I'm exactly like you. My Christmas has progressed from whole hog to: little tree, nativity scene, and 2 stockings. 🌠

captaingop99 liberalism is dead
12/24/16 7:41 am

What is xmas? I think you might be thinking of Christmas. No pc allowed.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/24/16 9:22 am

Actually, it's not PC. It's ancient. X stood for "christos" or Christ in Greek and was easier to write. Xmas is therefore an ancient form of writing Christmas.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
12/24/16 3:10 pm

Martin is correct. You'll notice we also abbreviate Christian as Xian and Christianity as Xianity. I don't do it everywhere, but do it here because of the character limit of posts.

Kay41 the Midwest
12/24/16 7:31 am

We don't put up much. Besides the Christmas tree, we have stockings, a nativity set, and one string of garland with lights.

gluxford1 Arizona
12/24/16 7:10 am

Usually I go hog wild with Christmas decorating, but I couldn't put up as many decorations as I usually do this year because of the move.

singkitty In the cloud
12/24/16 6:56 am

I have a beautiful fireplace we decorate with a few stockings, a vintage nativity scene, cards, and we display all the gifts we bought for family in front. No tree. No lights. Just a few decorations that remind me of childhood.

Jazzy5 USA
12/24/16 6:36 am

Not hog wilded but I do a lot!
Not as much for myself but for people that come and stay!
The outside is red and white lights everywhere!
My shed has a lighted wreath!
Ok. Moderate hog wild!

jmw7477 Indiana
12/24/16 4:04 am

We moved at the end of July. This year (and maybe the next few) will be me figuring out how I want to decorate and which rooms I want to decorate. This year, I just did the main floor living room and a bit in the dining room and kitchen as those are the rooms that everyone will be in the most. I also had to pretty much buy all new decorations as I threw out almost everything when we moved. Next year, I might buy more to decorate other rooms. I'll definitely get more outside decorations.

garrettr Alabama
12/24/16 12:21 am

I didn't put up a single decoration this year. It's my first Christmas divorced and my daughter said she didn't want to have to put anything up so we decided to not do anything.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
12/24/16 12:30 am

Sorry to hear about the divorce. It is only because our grown son and our granddaughters helped that we did it this year. It's been an especially rough year, health wise, and neither of us has much energy. I usually wash and use glass Christmas dinnerware, but was feeling so bad we just did paper plates this year, for the first time ever. I dread having to take it all down, which is always worse than putting it up, imho.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
12/23/16 11:32 pm

Poll ? For those on iPads:

We know someone that puts up 7 Xmas trees, + a lot of other decorations. I used to do more than now, but health & lack of space prohibit that, & I'm doing good to do 1 tree, stockings & Nativity Scene. Do U go hog wild over Xmas decs?Comment!

Left answer: Hog wild
Right answer: Not a lot