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12/23/16 4:26 pm

It social, give away programs and strengthen our military and pay our military members more, and take care of our veterans.

brentwho Home
12/23/16 2:47 pm

We could cut military spending by probably 1/3 and still have the largest military on the planet

Given that almost all of the next 25 largest militaries are allies, we should start doing it immediately

With the money freed up, we could properly fund most everything that's underfunded elsewhere in the budget

12/23/16 2:05 pm

There should be a thorough investigation into whether money is being wasters and wasted money should be re-appropriated

HonestyIsBest Rockaway Beach, NY
12/23/16 9:26 am

Keep it as is, but continue to receive appropriate it like currently.

12/23/16 9:14 am

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squiggly Ohio
12/23/16 7:54 am

We are spending 600 billion dollars on the armed forces while being completely ignorant of areas like science and education. 600 billion dollars for what? Isis? There are about 200 countries and we're spending that much in basically one area? Why do we have to be doing all the work? I'm not saying slash the budget in half, but we need to cut it by just a bit in order to adequately fund education, science, our infrastructure and health departments.