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High-school: fond memories or personal nightmare? (UserQ)

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mda2894 Lexington, KY
08/10/11 9:04 pm

Currently in high school... And I don't have a single fond memory.

yesmaam socal
08/08/11 6:15 pm

Well I'm not quite there yet.

08/05/11 10:33 am

I had plenty of friends, but the principals and teachers? They can shove it. Now I'm homeschooled and rule free :) That's the way to go.

08/04/11 1:24 am

Learned most of my hardest lessons in HS. Not at HS, just during. Quit attending regular classes by senior year though and started working a year before everyone else graduated. Did home study instead.
Doing better than most at this point, but that was expected.

Kels.USMC? West Virginia
08/03/11 11:50 pm

Also probably because of the changes in our social life. And the ones who raised us. Seems like people are getting more and more socially free, and in reality that could be a really good thing or u can end up with nthing in the end depending what path you choose life. Y'all get what I'm sayin?

Kels.USMC? West Virginia
08/03/11 11:45 pm

I'm a sophmore in highschool and I love it. Today it's so much different from the stories that my parents tell me. No one fights that often. No bullies. No race riots. Barely any drugs. It's pretty peaceful and I'm glad. But I also think that they arent strict at our school and this is probably why.

gabbywah New York
08/03/11 6:21 pm

@flgal2001 I'm in my senior year of college now an personally, I've never been happier. I took a semester off to work. The real world is tough but I'd take it any day over HS. Personally, it was such a nightmare but I'm glad others had a positive experience.

purslane Ohio
08/03/11 3:33 pm

I liked high school. It was junior high that was miserable.

08/03/11 11:58 am

High school never ends! Whoa

08/02/11 4:05 pm

@gabbywah High School is less cruel compared to the real world. You think High Schools bad just wait. Surround yourself with family, good friends, good people in general and you will be fine!

Zack100 Tatooine
08/02/11 10:27 am

Lucky!!! My high school ends at 3:45!!

08/02/11 8:52 am

Nightmare. The only thing good about high school was the 3:13 bell to head to the bus home.

Jut347 Georgia
08/02/11 2:38 am

Oops... Goin into 9 th this year and I think it's going to be good

gabbywah New York
07/31/11 10:06 pm

In a nutshell: highschool= THE worst experience of my entire life

gabbywah New York
07/31/11 10:03 pm

my highschool experience was miserable. people can be soo cruel. I'm surprised the majority of the US has fond memories...

07/30/11 12:16 am

High School was a blast! I was lucky to have great friends and a good faculty that truly cared about our future. We had a LOT of community involvement too, where people came in to teach about their professions as a curriculum enhancement. It really hit home that the world was just around the corner!

Someone Wisconsin
07/29/11 10:20 pm

So far, I like high school well enough. I've been lucky enough not to get bullied or anything.

benbargold Massachusetts
07/29/11 9:33 am

In a good way like they can express them self

benbargold Massachusetts
07/29/11 9:33 am

Thats what I hope
But every kid I now that went there say it's awesome because its a performing arts school where it's like weird kid central

Adonis New York
07/29/11 4:20 am

high School was just the beginning of my education and by no means the end. In the. end, it was not a big deal.

Adonis New York
07/29/11 4:20 am

high School was just the beginning of my education and by no means the end. In the. end, it was not a big deal.

want2bsane South Texas
07/29/11 1:48 am

The constant reminder that "these are the best years of my life" made me seriously question if a brain tumor was in my future. Let's just say - I'd rather run buck naked through the center of town with firecrackers shooting out of my ass then relive one moment in high school.

07/29/11 1:47 am

@Mister I agree! But remember it's their current income not their parents income.

07/29/11 1:46 am

Fond memories. Also agree experiencing high school exactly same way would be excruciating.

07/28/11 10:55 pm

Yea I was not open minded and rational, because treat the republicans that way, and the country gets f'ed! I am just frustrated that the republicans get so overrated and everybody starts pointing fingers at the democrats.

07/28/11 4:37 pm

When I made the comment, it was 15 percent difference between democrats and republicans.

07/28/11 1:35 pm

I'm surprised @ the similarity in income.

07/28/11 12:55 pm

yeah about that I m 13 turning 14

07/28/11 11:03 am

Why do people always feel the need to bring politics into it? People didn't usually know or care what party they associated themselves with in high school.

07/28/11 10:56 am


Wow you're so openminded and rational -_-

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
07/28/11 10:49 am

Went to an HS equivalent British school in Mexico City. Totally different environment than US schools. First date ever at college in Colo.

2013noelle Michigan
07/28/11 9:44 am

@32no That makes completely no sense! Your political views have nothing to do with how popular you were in HS. Plus the difference is literally 10%

07/28/11 9:16 am

Yea, this is just classic high school:
Republicans were the popular jocks (which explains why more of them said nostalgia) and democrats were the unpopular and bullied nerds(which explains why less said nostalgia). That is why I vote democrat! (unless the candidate is a complete donkey(a**)

godcyanide Probably gone for good
07/28/11 8:46 am

I should mention I was overweight, wore glasses, was younger and smarter than my classmates, and was the lone metalhead in the Jersey Shore-like world of Catholic HS in Brooklyn. So I did kind of stick out. And they never let me forget it.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
07/28/11 8:43 am

I tried to be the quiet kid, growing up a latchkey kid in a broken home in the '80's. My peers (and a few teachers!) felt differently. I was mercilessly abused by the whole school for 3 years of HS, following 4 years of that same treatment in two other schools. At least I had friends outside school.

07/28/11 8:18 am

I'm still in high school

07/28/11 8:14 am

@Mahman, wow, a fellow Creek on SoH! Just wait till you get out, buddy - there's a REAL world out there lol :)

ant! North Carolina
07/28/11 8:05 am

Three years and still no friends From there and he still is a no show to his kid. Yep I say high school was full of regrets

ant! North Carolina
07/28/11 8:04 am

Far more racist than I imagined. And I'm white. I didn't think people could be so harsh on each other. The friends I made were good until my bf got me pregnant end of senior year. When he ditched me cuz I was having a girl and not a boy, they kept calling me a bitch when I wouldn't go back to him.

07/28/11 8:03 am

I guess Vermont has bad high schools.

ant! North Carolina
07/28/11 8:02 am

I went to three different high schools. I started off in a shithole redneck school. I hated every last bit of being there. Then I moved up north to Maine. The two months I was there was probably the best as far as people and intelligence. When I moved back to Nc I went to another school that was

07/28/11 7:09 am

but I was smarter than them, I graduated in 3 years. maybe I did it just to get away from Oak Forest High School.

07/28/11 7:07 am

it taught me that dumb people talk first and (maybe) think later. but at the time it was hard. I have never gone back for a reunion, why?