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ProudCentrist Chicago, Illinois
12/22/16 10:23 am

If we can find a way to get rid of the waste efficiently, then yes.

think4yourself Not a safe space
12/22/16 11:49 am

Once they perfect nuclear fusion there will be very little waste.

clmcd42 Texas
12/22/16 9:37 am

I think they are a good source of clean energy for short term use, but I think we should be moving towards better sources that can't explode and destroy entire cities. As in we should use nuclear power until we have the technology to completely move away from it.

Torfin Never Behind
12/21/16 10:57 pm

Very much so. Modern plants produce the cleanest energy going.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/21/16 4:33 pm

No, one natural disaster and the environment is destroyed. Just lower your standards of living instead.

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
12/21/16 4:17 pm

It is much safer than Chernobyl. It is cheaper than other fuels. It doesn't pollute the air. Used fuel is radioactive and has to be handled carefully and stored safely for centuries.

12/21/16 9:50 pm

Wow, Bob! Something we agree on! Never thought I'd live to see the day:)

wearemonkeys77 Lest We Forget... Hodor
12/21/16 3:52 pm

If only there was a way to efficiently launch the waste into space.

doober72 Vidalia, Ga.
12/21/16 4:25 pm

Russian, this is the first time I've disagreed with you.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/21/16 4:31 pm

All I know is, Chernobyl was a disaster. My father is a physicist specializing in nuclear and quantum physics. He says it's safe. I say Chernobyl. So, my answer is based on nothing other than knowing Chernobyl happened. My father says that was a very rare thing and communism helped create the atmosphere that allowed that to take place.
So, I'm not answering with any real knowledge or investigation into nuclear energy. I just know Chernobyl happened.

think4yourself Not a safe space
12/21/16 11:27 pm

Chernobyl was nuclear fission which is dangerous. Nuclear fusion is safe and becoming feasible.

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
12/22/16 12:30 am

Russian, I don't usually praise Government work, but USNRC is very rigorous and leads the World in Nuclear Reactor safety.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/22/16 6:48 am

Aren't most plants and submarines still operating today, nuclear fission. Fukushima was fission.

shygal47 Florida east coast
12/22/16 7:45 am

All commercial nukes are fission reactors. The major differences in technology are the type of mechanism used to control the reaction in the vessel: water, pressure, graphite.

think4yourself Not a safe space
12/22/16 11:40 am

*most are. There are a few countries that have experimental nuclear fusion technologies.

shygal47 Florida east coast
12/22/16 12:45 pm

Noted. But I specified commercial, which does not include experimental systems.