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Pollcaster97 December 21st, 2016 10:21pm

Number of young people living with parents hits record high: Is the cost of living too high for many young people to support themselves?

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callen002 Cincinnati
12/21/16 9:23 pm

Plus policies of obama and dems are working against them

12/21/16 11:56 pm

I hunk there is enough blame for both parties to take.

sfcren Wyoming
12/21/16 6:09 pm

High cost of living is a problem for sure, but lots of people have absurd expectations of what a minimum wage job will provide and what they deserve.

What better stuff and to live in a better place, works hard, save and keep trying to get a better job.

As far as student loans go, too many people are going to school. Students are told they have to go to a university and get a bachelors degree to make, yet then they go out into the workplace and find out companies want specific expertise and experience. Certifications in many instances will get you more money than a degree. Got to figure out want you want to do first then figure out if you need a degree or not.

Just my thoughts I could be wrong.

EarlyBird Portland
12/21/16 3:43 pm

Yes and student loans don't help.