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ShinShin412 December 21st, 2016 6:46pm

Have you ever changed your Show of Hands pick after seeing the results?

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ronderman North Carolina
12/22/16 8:31 am

Not because of the votes. I have been swayed by comments.

googer11 Minnesota
12/22/16 6:22 am

I have been rash in my answers. If I carefully re-read the question, sometime I switch.

sea California
12/21/16 2:36 pm

Yes when I'm shocked by the results. Then I re-read the question and make sure I understood it correctly.

susanr Colorado
12/21/16 1:46 pm

*Never* after just looking at the results. Many times, after reading comments. Sometimes the question gets clarified. Sometimes I read persuasive arguments. Sometimes I learn new information, either from what people contribute, or from what I read in linked articles.

clmcd42 Texas
12/21/16 1:14 pm

Sometimes I'll just put a half assed answer without actually thinking about an issue, and then if I see that it's way more controversial than I thought it would be, then I'll think about it more and sometimes change my answer

EarlyBird Portland
12/21/16 12:36 pm

If I'm unsure of an issue, I read the comments and learn from them. I've changed my vote before.

12/21/16 12:53 pm

Me as well.

EarlyBird Portland
12/21/16 12:57 pm

Good. I've learned a lot using this app.