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MrAmerica December 19th, 2016 11:28pm

Would you classify Theodore Roosevelt as more of a classical liberal or a conservative

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nickcarrion98 NY to FL to NY
12/22/16 8:05 am

Neither, we don't call him the "great trust buster" because he was right wing.

brentwho Home
12/19/16 8:11 pm

He would be a liberal by today's standards

suppressedID hope despite the times
12/19/16 11:02 pm

Hell, Reagan isn't even a Conservative by today's standards.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/20/16 4:03 am

Easily, he couldn't win a Democratic nomination today, maybe the Green Party. Would I vote for him? Heck yeah!

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
12/19/16 5:51 pm

I don't think you would find any conservatives today running on, or supporting, the Progressive Party ticket.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
12/19/16 5:55 pm

I would if it had the same policies as Teddy Roosevelt although I am more
of a moderate then conservative

gluxford1 Arizona
12/19/16 5:37 pm

He would certainly be a conservative by today's standards.

CdtLJM New Jersey
12/19/16 6:57 pm

Name his policies.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
12/20/16 9:36 pm

His stance on immigration was definitely conservative

CdtLJM New Jersey
12/20/16 9:47 pm

Regulating immigration to ensure no one with illness, anarchists, imbeciles, and criminals come in isn't conservative, that's very middle of the road. He advocated heavy use of Ellis Island to assist those coming in, and to put government regulations on who comes in and why.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
12/20/16 9:52 pm

Did you read his immigration speech? It was definitely not in any way a moderate stance

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
12/20/16 9:55 pm

In my opinion he was overall a moderate with both left and right stances

CdtLJM New Jersey
12/21/16 2:40 am

I know the speech you are talking about, but that was a mix of sentiment and normative politics. It is still true that assimilation is the biggest goal when dealing with immigration. I'm not so focused on his immigration policy, because that didn't define him as a president. I'm thinking of his domestic policies that made him a successful president.

HenryJRoberts Hmmm
12/19/16 4:34 pm

He was a progressive

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
12/19/16 5:08 pm

He did switch back to the conservative Republican Party after he lost in the presidential race in 1912 though

HenryJRoberts Hmmm
12/19/16 5:11 pm

Yes, but he was in the nationalistic progressive wing of the party.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
12/19/16 4:29 pm

This is a poll where I wish you could put more than two options