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Izzynius December 19th, 2016 10:49pm

Do you have an American Southern accent?

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12/25/16 5:35 am

Not day to day. But i tend to soak in the accent of those Im around very quickly. It only takes me about a day of being in south carolina before I have a full accent

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
12/20/16 7:29 am

A bit... I have a little bit of one, but it's only really thick on certain words/phrases.

missmorganmarie ...
12/19/16 4:47 pm

when I get really mad

FascistKurgan there can be only one
12/19/16 3:54 pm

I have a Hispanic accent if that counts...

gluxford1 Arizona
12/19/16 3:53 pm

I'm a transplant, so I don't. I like hearing them though.

Elion Marxist Communist
12/19/16 3:52 pm

Very few people are going to say yes because they are either from the north, or they don't hear it.