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Shazam December 19th, 2016 9:02pm

You're calling customer service. Which would you find more annoying: A) a "Press 1 for..." automated system, or B) an international call taker with limited English abilities?

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LazySteelworker USA
12/20/16 12:16 am

It just boils down to a need to communicate both ways. I prefer the bot but only if I simply can't get my point across with the limited capacity service rep.
I don't fault the reps either, they're just trying to make a living like everyone else, I fault their management for not being responsible enough to find people truly qualified to fill those positions regardless of what country they're from.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
12/19/16 9:43 pm

Recently I had to call my credit card company and I could not understand a word. So I put my daughter on the phone and she couldn't make it out any better. Frustrating either way. And often the music they play makes me more irritated.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
12/19/16 5:54 pm

Both are horrible. But, real persons with limited English are generally worse, especially if they are forced off script by an out of the ordinary issue you are raising.

Wackacrat Harford County
12/19/16 5:43 pm

One can't understand me and the other I can't understand.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/19/16 4:27 pm

I'm resigned to playing the game to get to a human, but when I finally do, I need to be able to have a conversation in a language I speak. I'm very good at understanding even thick accents, having had a lot of practice, but lately some have really pushed my talents to the limit. Even some who have called me for help (I think). "Paul" from Windows Technical Service, for example, who apparently was experiencing some kind of computer problem that only I could solve.

rons Thanks America
12/19/16 4:26 pm

What are the named Carl and have a thick Indian accent.

cyanospool The Deep North
12/19/16 3:13 pm

I almost never have a difficult time understanding people with broken english. My best friend is Vietnamese and his whole family barely speaks English at all, but I'm over there all the time and get along with them anyway. Bots on the other hand are enraging.

brentwho Home
12/19/16 2:56 pm

I'm not usually significantly bothered by either

getupbaby South City
12/19/16 2:40 pm

I just wish they'd quit using fake American names. Look, Gary, I know you're from India. I also know there are hardly any Garys in India. Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!

cyanospool The Deep North
12/19/16 3:14 pm

Interesting, I have an Indian friend named Gary, haha.

getupbaby South City
12/20/16 6:10 am

Are you sure he isn't G'Hari? 😏

timeout Boston Strong
12/19/16 2:38 pm

Both are aggravating but trying to get your point across with someone who has limited English skills is challenging to say the least.

cyanospool The Deep North
12/19/16 3:20 pm

It's not that hard after you do it a lot. English is actually really challenging to learn if you don't already speak it. I seem to remember it's up there with Mandarin.

croopertrooper Greater Cincinnati Area
12/19/16 2:10 pm

In my experience, the autobots are worse. You have one question you need answered, but you have to go through 4-5 screening processes before you get to a person. And god forbid you accidently press "2 for billing" when you wanted to press "3 for account information" and have to restart the whole thing.