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ThomasPaine December 19th, 2016 3:18pm

Do you think China has a legitimate claim to the South China Sea?

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timeout Boston Strong
12/19/16 2:50 pm

Japan thought it did at one time too, that ended badly for them if I remember.

paranoidandroid peace love science
12/19/16 2:25 pm

No, the Spratlys are closest to the Philippines and Malaysia.

DonWichita Kansas
12/19/16 11:34 am

International law says a max of 12 miles.

12/19/16 11:16 am

What constitutes as making a claim legitimate?

12/19/16 11:17 am

weird wording: what enables a claim to be legitimate or not?

ThomasPaine Writer of Common Sense
12/19/16 11:35 am

Having a base in international law or rightful ownership.

12/19/16 11:37 am

Rightful ownership is very subjective though. And who's to say the most legitimate claim is the best claim. The USA wouldn't exist if the people with the most legitimate claim to the land had kept it.

12/19/16 11:39 am

I get that the same laws didn't exist back then, but regardless, it seems most claims made on land or sea are just who has the most power to enforce their claim.

ThomasPaine Writer of Common Sense
12/19/16 2:49 pm

It is subjective, that is why I am asking what people think.

12/19/16 11:05 am

They have rights to mile or two. The whole sea, no way.

kywrite augusta, ga
12/19/16 9:51 am

About as much as the US does to the Gulf of Mexico or Britain does to the English Channel and Irish Sea.

Little-known fact: Chinese military navy vessels engage in petty piracy throughout the Sea of China. Yet the Chinese are assuring the world that they only claim that sea in order to protect ships from piracy. Very Mafia of them.

Mackinaw Wolverine State, est.1837
12/19/16 9:42 am

Anybody that has ever looked at a map can't say China has one shred of legitimacy in their claims in the South China Sea. Take a look for yourself.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/19/16 9:42 am

The entire sea? No. They have their borders.

PrinceOberyn Reduce Reuse Reanimate
12/19/16 9:09 am

Meh. If they got the military power to enforce their claim, then yes they do.

Ebola1 Florida
12/19/16 8:41 am

Absolutely not!

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
12/19/16 8:20 am

No. The open seas belong to everyone. Coastal waters can be restricted to a certain distance, but I don't believe that applies in this case.