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ScenarioNations December 18th, 2016 9:00pm

Universe 1 - 2046 Fictional Company Competition: Invent a company, write down what the company does and sells, and put down where the company's HQ is. The best corporations will be found in future scenarios.

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EhhitsCaden Ohio
12/21/16 3:41 pm

Atlas Corporation, You know the rest. @Aftermath

12/19/16 12:34 pm

Forewarn Technologies-based in Chicago Illinois. Develops surveillance and tracking technologies for world governments.

Jorsonner Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
12/19/16 4:58 am

Jorsonn Industries

Private military company; armed security; weapons manufacturing, research, and development. Based in Oslo, Norway.

AmericanHero Oregon
12/18/16 8:00 pm

Homeroad Inc.

Specializes in government offered road projects. Also accepts projects by the UN to build roads and bridges in poor nations across the world. Recently moved headquarters to Manila, in order to better coordinate the massive One Nation project given by the Oceanian government.

12/18/16 6:47 pm

Mutant inc: Dedicated to making the most superior human using by modifying genes.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
12/18/16 5:55 pm

Family Farm Produce is a multinational agricultural corporation headquartered in Baltimore Maryland that seeks to sell "fresh" produce for the most profit they possibly can using any means necessary. These include genetic modification of crops, deceptive advertising, and lobbying politicians and regulatory agencies to the benefit of themselves and detriment of their competitors.

GrandMaster New York
12/18/16 4:39 pm

I-beam, monopoly of steel beams that are sold to all buildings, they are jet fuel resistant and will not crack, HQ is in Pittsburgh PA

WashingtonCody AMERICA
12/18/16 4:07 pm

A armor high tech robot company located in Las Vegas, Pecam. This company is illegally making AI. This company is call Gamble Tech

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/18/16 2:42 pm

RusAm Agro. It is an agricultural company that seeks, by natural means, to increase production of crops AND distribute them to the worlds countries, in an effort to decrease world hunger. It is a cooperative country between Russia and the US.

nickcarrion98 NY to FL to NY
12/18/16 2:35 pm

Cleanergy is a not-for-profit energy initiative that invests its resources into finding alternate, innovative, and effective clean energy sources. They are located in Lampeter, Wales.

Atomicpotato Top Kek
12/18/16 2:23 pm

Pluto Technologies. A computer and software manufacturer. Famous for making affordable, powerful computers. HQ is in Herndon, Virginia.

gow488 Seoul, KR
12/18/16 2:20 pm

Gow Corp. in Milwaukee produces rockets that send cargo and people to outer space destinations.

Konigliche Georgia
12/18/16 2:15 pm

Evans Industries. The HQ is located outside Macon, GA, USA. They make everything from rockets to computers, capital machinery, robotics, space exploration vehicles, satellites, commercial cargo ships and military vehicles. They profit from selling their goods to nations that can buy it.

12/18/16 2:14 pm

Alwayspure a Indianapolis based water and air purifier company.they specialize in targeted purfing of the water supplies of the rust belt companies taut can afford it.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
12/18/16 2:04 pm

Think computing is a company that makes both software and hardware for computers laptops and phones but they also use a lot of their profit for buying politicians around the world and they are also located in New Mexico

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
12/18/16 2:30 pm

I have never heard of that YouTuber, but sure