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squiggly December 18th, 2016 5:12pm

Something is wrong with our government/economy when young people can't get a college education because of the income of their family.

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nekmor Round Rock TX
12/19/16 12:14 am

I am not sure if everyone is aware but many of us went to community college for a couple of years (working a real job the entire time to earn money for our degree) and then a state college with money earned in Junior College and worked full time to pay for our degree. It's call "Sweat Equity" in the investment in ourselves. Problem is we now live in an entitlement environment where we should only have to exert minimum effort to achieve our dreams, I call BS on that.

12/18/16 1:20 pm

A large number of scholarships and grants go unclaimed every year. You need to look for them

Jazzy5 USA
12/18/16 12:53 pm

There is a lot that is available to students in need. You must do your work to find them.

12/18/16 10:41 am

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LaReine Communist Lesbian
12/21/16 11:17 pm

Now you can sell yourself into an indentured slavery through debt, what a fantastic idea!

Because that worked out so well last time it was implemented.

12/22/16 1:09 am

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LaReine Communist Lesbian
12/22/16 9:14 am

Lucky you. Others are tens of thousands in debt unable to get jobs despite there being a need for these people.

Others don't have the luxuries you have.

12/22/16 10:36 am

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