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LilL44 Stuck In Suburbia
07/12/13 10:23 am

At my school this year the seniors all woke up early the last day of school & all parked in the faculty only parking lot, forcing the teachers to park in the student lot...also it rained so teachers had to take long walk to cars in rain after school

07/11/13 5:53 pm

A hunger strike to improve solitary confinement conditions...

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/11/13 3:59 pm

These days senior pranks just get kids in trouble - administrations don't have senses of humor - don't fall prey

amuseme This is for you
07/11/13 3:39 pm

Here's a senior prank someone told me about. They took two pigs and painted the numbers 2 and 3 on them and let them loose in the school. After the staff caught the two pigs they spent the rest of the day looking for #1

Marley17 or is it just me...
07/11/13 5:10 pm

Some kids are actually trying to find a cow to put in the upstairs hallway...

amuseme This is for you
07/12/13 9:12 am

A cow?! How're they gonna pull that off?

07/11/13 12:54 pm

Have every senior being a penny on stage at graduation and give it to your principal as they shake his hand. The last person can hand him a jar and say "I think you'll need this"

07/11/13 12:56 pm

Or the classic flash mob, or bring water guns to school and have water fights in the hallways at a certain time. Put fish in the lockers and it'll smell gross after a few days (someone suggested it in my gross, glad they didn't do it)

Marley17 or is it just me...
07/11/13 2:26 pm

Haha, penny one is funny, we have over 300 people so it might get difficult. The water guns could be a problem, you know, guns in school. Maybe water balloons...

07/11/13 2:31 pm

Oh true didn't think of the water gun thing...and at my high school each grade is around 450 and they were considering that.

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
07/11/13 11:55 am

Steal every single roll of toilet paper and every single napkin or napkin-esque type thing from the whole entire campus and so if anybody wants to use the bathroom, they have to pay for every square of toilet paper they want to use. You can also

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
07/11/13 11:56 am

Steal every desk and chair and sell them back but the toilet paper is much more hilarious to do this with. You can always just sit on the floor but how can you wipe without toilet paper?