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MrMilkdud December 17th, 2016 4:51pm

Crazier conspiracy theorists: People who believe the election was stolen from Hillary and given to Donald by the Russians, or Birthers? For discussion: we need a catchier name for the first group.

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suppressedID anti Gilead
12/18/16 10:33 pm

Let's see if things hold up for 8 years - in the face of actual evidence.

sea California
12/17/16 7:25 pm

There are a couple reasons why I think that it's more likely than not that Obama was not born in Hawaii. 1) Obama is a pathological liar 2) it's awfully suspicious that he couldn't produce any birth certificate for a long time.

12/17/16 1:39 pm


corino Utah
12/17/16 1:06 pm

What's crazy is that if Russia can manipulate an election through cyber machinations ANYBODY could forge a birth certificate for Obama.

12/17/16 3:25 pm

But it's more than just the birth certificate. I don't like him either, but he was born in Hawaii.

12/17/16 5:21 pm

I am curious, do his college applications say he was born in Hawaii?

corino Utah
12/17/16 6:03 pm

I'm just curious why a mass conspiracy to sway an election is allowed by Occam's razor but a high school Photoshop job makes me a tin foil hat wearer?

12/17/16 7:21 pm

The local newspaper announced the birth of a Barack Obama on his birthday. It's confirmed by microfilm. The birth certificate was confirmed legit. The coverup would have to be ridiculously massive, hence, "conspiracy" theory...

corino Utah
12/19/16 9:42 pm

😕 does the local newspaper record your birth?

Senate101 San Diego
12/17/16 12:53 pm

Birthers, because there is a little light of truth to the Russian intervention. It did not change the election, or affect the score directly, but it is a concern that needs to be addressed or at least prevented.

EarlyBird Portland
12/17/16 11:31 am

🤔 I didn't know the possible Russian intervention was a conspiracy theory. Birthers definitely is.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
12/17/16 11:45 am

False equivalency is a cornerstone of conservative debate.

12/17/16 11:50 am

Hillary can't cope with losing. She's doing exactly what she said trump shouldn't do if she won the election.

12/17/16 12:09 pm

I dunno EB. Both theories are based on a lack of evidence. Don't forget, when the birther movement gained momentum was when there were rumors that ole Berry wasn't born a US citizen, and then he stubbornly refused to release his birth certificate for months. Once evidence was released that, yes indeed he is clearly a US-born citizen, the movement mostly died except for a few tin-foil hat types....right now, there is zero evidence that Russia played any part in Hillary's loss, but the liberals are out in force speaking it as if it's God's honest truth...when in fact, by the FBI/CIA's admission it's merely the running theory

12/17/16 12:12 pm

Exactly, anarchy.
Liberals have completely committed to this theory, with very little actual evidence, just as the Birthers committed to that theory with very little actual evidence.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
12/17/16 12:19 pm

Search for the SOH birther poll from last year. 46% of Republicans, over 1300 votes, still said they didn't believe Obama was born here.

12/17/16 12:21 pm

Ok, and in a year as many or more democrats will still believe the Russians stole the election for trump.

12/17/16 12:26 pm

What was the wording of the question though? "Do you identify with the 'birther' movement?" If the results are as you say to THAT question, I would honestly find that both funny and depressing (but I'm not a Republican). If the question is more ambiguous, something like; "is it possible Obama is not a natural US born citizen?" - well that's altogether something different now, isn't it? I'll readily admit it's "possible" Russia interfered, but there is no evidence, and there IS testimony to the contrary (the media just won't cover it).

12/17/16 12:31 pm

I just find it a bit too convenient that the Hillary campaign and their sycophantic following have been pushing this "Trump is buddying up to Putin" meme throughout the campaign, and all of a sudden 2 agencies are willing to offer up an opinion that falls in line despite their admitted inability to provide any evidence. ....and let's not pretend that the CIA and FBI (or at least some players within them) are above political posturing.

Isomax TIC TOC
12/17/16 10:51 am


Axl752 NY
12/17/16 10:45 am

Of course birthers.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
12/17/16 10:43 am

Fake news
James Comey
Electoral College
Anthony Weiner


brentwho Home
12/17/16 11:14 am

I don't think even those of us that voted for Hillary ignore that public perception of her was part of the algebra

Liberty 4,032,064
12/17/16 10:39 am

The Clintons' neo-McCarthyism is far more outlandish and has far more negative repercussions that their brother one.

brentwho Home
12/17/16 10:38 am

Birtherism never had a basis in fact
Those having concerns about Trump are based on more realistic factors?

skinner Jersey City
12/17/16 10:36 am

You're misrepresenting our concern about Russian meddling in our elections. We aren't saying that Putin's influence was decisive, because we have no way to know that. What we do know is that the decades-long Russian dezinformatsiya campaign has become a lot more potent during this election due to the increasing potency of cyberattacks and social media rumors. That should be a concern for every American regardless of who you backed in the 2016 election.

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
12/17/16 10:33 am

So damn true!! It just astounds me how crazies get so much attention.
Investigation shows Obama was a citizen
It also shows Russia had no direct involvement in our election.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
12/17/16 10:37 am

You should present your evidence to the CIA and FBI. They both disagree with you.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/17/16 10:51 am

They have no evidence, they have released no evidence, they have nothing.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
12/17/16 10:31 am

Definitely the Hillarites. They're just plain nuts.

12/17/16 10:59 am

What about Hillbabies?

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
12/17/16 12:00 pm

Oh, that's good!

rons Thanks America
12/17/16 10:30 am

Those damn democrat coal miners in PA saw that Bernie was dissed by the DNC and Donna Brazil gave Hillary the question decided that was bad and they voted for Trumpov (Russian name). Or Trumplova!

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
12/17/16 10:12 am

Birthers, obvi. Their accusations are completely fabricated and based on racism. While certainly not the only reason for Clinton's loss, we know the Russians influenced our election. Not should we can quantify how much.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
12/17/16 10:24 am

Do you honestly think all people who didn't believe Obama was born here are racist?

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
12/17/16 10:26 am

Yep, every single one.

rons Thanks America
12/17/16 10:34 am

Donna Brazil given her the questions was the reason hundreds of thousands democrats turn their back on her and went for Trumplova! Maybe it was the DNC conspiracy against Bernie that caused 1/3 of Obama country to vote for Trumpsky. Or maybe she didn't give a crap about the middle class white worker and voted for Trumpov.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/17/16 10:50 am

Lol, you believe everyone is a racist.

Also, stop being Russophobic, the Kremlin didn't make your candidate lose, stop being a danger to Democracy.

rons Thanks America
12/17/16 11:31 am

Must be a serious embarrassment to see Trumpova beat the chosen one! Change Trump to Neo.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
12/17/16 11:59 am

Not so sure why it's hard for you to believe that soneone could have believed he wasn't from here, but not be racist. To me, those two things are unrelated

orgblu10 Shamerica
12/17/16 10:10 am


12/17/16 10:31 am

That's no bad