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TheHand December 17th, 2016 3:57pm

According to Ranker's list of most corrupt countries, Somalia comes in at number 1 and New Zealand comes in the least at180. I find it not only disappointing but disturbing that the US is only at 161. I mean we've been at this since 1776, right?

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Diogenes FreeMeBe
12/17/16 3:38 pm

How can we be the world's police force if we're not the best? We should recuse ourselves until such a time a we are.

TheHand If you need a hand
12/17/16 9:21 am

When a country spends years pointing the figure and touting wonderful it should at least have some credibility. The ranking reveals that the US can't be fully trusted.

Here is the link.....

brentwho Home
12/17/16 9:03 am

I'm a little surprised we did that well