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TrippyCornflake December 17th, 2016 2:38pm

Should teachers be allowed to engage in political debates/discussions with their students?

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callen002 Cincinnati
12/17/16 11:22 am

Unless they are political science teachers. Otherwise, should keep their opinions to themselves

Yessy French Texan
12/17/16 9:14 am

My history teacher does with my class! He is an Independent Liberal, I'm and Independent more conservative! I'm open minded to his ideas but I indirectly state mine through questions!

TrippyCornflake New Jersey
12/17/16 3:59 pm

Same with my history teacher. She is definitely more liberal than I.

12/17/16 9:03 am

The whole idea is to encourage expanded thinking not suppress it to only repressive republican way of old time thinking of what is right or not right

TrippyCornflake New Jersey
12/17/16 4:00 pm

So you're assuming that all teachers are Republicans? My history teacher pushes some democratic views.

12/17/16 5:18 pm

Then pay attention and eat your wheaties

Texas1 location
12/17/16 8:33 am

What? You gonna arrest them for free speech? While I detest the stereotypical left leaning educators, I hope students will engage in realistic debates and not hide in their safe spaces.