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Austin25 Georgia
12/23/16 7:12 pm

No everyone keeps sending me candy crush and 8 ball pool requests!

marleejeneen Corinth, MS
12/23/16 7:55 am

Facebook most definitely changed my life for the better. Without it I would have never met my husband!

craftyAg Fraggle Rock
12/21/16 11:04 pm

I joined Facebook back when you had to have a university email address to get an account. It was fine back then. Once it became available to everyone and their dog it became a problem. It's like high school drama never ends and your embarrassing relatives are now embarrassing in real time, all the time. For everyone to see!

ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
12/20/16 12:53 pm

Besides posting stuff from the day before, people posting stuff they shouldn't, women posting half naked pictures, people just batshit crazy. It's like a car wreck. You can't look away

12/19/16 11:11 pm

Wow so much hate for Facebook. I for one am extremely grateful for it because I have a lot of friends in a lot of places all over the country and I would have no contact with them without Facebook. It allows me to keep in touch with people I love dearly but don't get to see often.

pixcat Texas
12/20/16 9:20 pm

I'm with you. I've found friends from 40+ years ago! Plus we have a scattered extended family.

madconservative President Trump
12/19/16 3:49 am

Hasn't done either. I don't have an account. I think social media is dumb and pointless. Nobody really cares what you say throughout your day, they are just being fake... I mean polite. Waste of time and energy

throwback Dixie
12/18/16 9:25 am

If you all realize that it hasn't made your life better, unplug!!!!

mahughj Honor, Unity, Love
12/18/16 1:44 am

It's made communication easier for me! I only use groups and messenger for the most part.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
12/17/16 11:13 pm

Better without it.

otisfuzz Georgia
12/17/16 9:21 pm

Facebook has made it better because I can keep up with friends and family out of state

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/17/16 4:59 pm

Not in the least. If anything, incrementally worse, as I occasionally come across otherwise potentially interesting sites or apps that insist on being tied to a Facebook account. I'd sooner sign up with Yahoo, and give my personal information away for free.

sea California
12/17/16 3:01 pm

I've stopped going on fb. I'm tired of pictures of peoples kids and food, and political posts.

sea California
12/17/16 3:05 pm

Not to mention it's basically a cauldron of narcissists competing with each other for number of posts and likes.

GeneralDevin MN
12/17/16 2:15 pm

Facebook is cancer.

captaingop99 liberalism is dead
12/17/16 12:18 pm

I've got an app that tells me when someone unfriends me so I can find out who they are and find out why they did it. Love the app! Very useful!

captaingop99 liberalism is dead
12/17/16 12:18 pm

App is called "deleted?" Should still be in the App Store

12/17/16 12:03 pm

Absolutely not. I've gotten laid a time or two because of it, but otherwise it's nearly all negative. And it's made me stop taking pictures.

12/17/16 12:01 pm

Facebook is absolute shit. Evil company

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/18/16 9:59 pm

My brother works for them and it seems pretty not evil to me

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
12/17/16 11:50 am

All these things have made our lives better except Facebook. Thanks zuckerberg, you fuck

SuperiorVegan Liberal Nationalist
12/17/16 11:48 am

Has enlightened my political beliefs. I rememver when I first started using facebook as a 8th grader. I was conservative young teen and now im a progressive Democrat and im 20. I fucking hate facebook but it has helped in many ways. I deactivated my account just 2 weeks ago since having it for around 7 years. Bye bye fascist Zuckerberg.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
12/17/16 1:02 pm

So you became a liberal progressive democrat because of fascist Facebook which you deactivated, and you're happy about it?

craftyAg Fraggle Rock
12/21/16 11:07 pm

You are a literal fetus.

And you clearly have no idea what a true "fascist" is.

Panther92 Colorado
12/17/16 10:59 am

I don't think people realize what Facebook does now. It is so much more than a social network now...

12/17/16 10:12 am

Yes. I currently live away from all of my family and the majority of my friends. Facebook has allowed me to keep up with people and to share their lives in a way I wouldn't be able to do conveniently any other way.

phalnx Ohio
12/17/16 10:02 am

No, I don't care for it. Seems a bit intrusive and creepy...I don't want to know what somebody I haven't seen since High School is thinking at 4am.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
12/17/16 8:36 am

I will never know what I've missed, or will be missing out on. I have never been on Facebook. If I'm given a link that takes me to Facebook, I immediately delete the site, and the source. I am, though, happy for all who Facebook has brought happiness to. It's just that I find more fulfillment in the actual world. 🙂

EarlyBird Portland
12/17/16 11:25 am

Nice comment, gonzo! I agree!

12/17/16 8:18 am

It is time that government controls are put onto Facebook's administration to prevent them from censoring news

yepnope Maryland
12/17/16 10:26 am

He wants the government to prevent Facebook from preventing fake news to the masses... this means that he probably leans more to the right considering they get hit with more with fake news.

12/18/16 8:04 am

I am an independent conservative.

kywrite augusta, ga
12/17/16 8:15 am

This is the only one in this series that has NOT made my life better. I can get the same services elsewhere.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
12/17/16 7:47 am

At one point, it did. Now it's more of a nuisance.

cowboy Proud Father
12/17/16 7:34 am

I could do without it, so not really better or worse.

12/17/16 7:31 am

It's a huge time sucker

KatG Liberal in Ohio
12/17/16 7:16 am

Nooooo. I deleted that years ago. All that drama and sheer meanness? Hard pass.

leilu SoCal
12/17/16 8:58 am

I want to delete my account! But then I am in groups, like my 20 year high school reunion group. I don't want to miss out on the group pages. Total first world problem!

KatG Liberal in Ohio
12/17/16 11:48 am

There are things I miss, but it's nice not to deal with the other crap lol

Kay41 the Midwest
12/17/16 7:02 am

I've never used it before.

SupremeDolphin They.them
12/17/16 6:31 am

I only use Facebook messenger. But I guess to this extent, it has.