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wolf124 December 17th, 2016 4:54am

FRIDAY NIGHT GAME TIME CHALLENGE: Can you name a song AND THE ARTIST with the word "NIGHT" in the title? I have 10 songs and one INSTANT WINNER. Each correct guess is 1000 points. GOOD LUCK!

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Atomicapex Out on the golf course
12/23/16 5:20 pm

Lonely is the night - Billy Squire

Kay41 the Midwest
12/18/16 11:22 am

Thanks for continuing to do these, Wolf. I always look forward to them.

wolf124 California
12/18/16 11:25 am

You're most welcome!!! So glad so many join in on guessing. I do see a change in the future on them though. I might be running out of words to use for songs. Might focus on movies or other topics to see how they go.

Kay41 the Midwest
12/18/16 11:31 am

You could also do songs in categories. For example one hit wonders, songs by British male soloists, songs with a color in the title, songs from 1985, songs by boy bands, songs in the top 10 Billboard charts, etc.

wolf124 California
12/18/16 11:39 am

The songs or artists in a certain catagory could be quite hard for some. Then again, it is called a "challenge"...☺

wolf124 California
12/18/16 9:44 am

GAME OVER: CONGRATULATIONS to @imanag for winning the "NIGHT" song game with 4000 points. 2nd Place goes to @Carolynn with 2000 points. 3rd Place goes to @geddy and @maltz with 1000 points each!!

The two songs not guessed were:

1) All Through the Night - Cyndi Lauper

2) The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - Bobby Vee

The Instant Winner song was:

Night & Day by Bette Midler



Kay41 the Midwest
12/18/16 10:07 am

Iman!! 👍👍👏👏

maltz earth
12/17/16 2:13 pm

Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night

maltz earth
12/17/16 1:46 pm

Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night

maltz earth
12/17/16 1:35 pm

Benny Mardones - Into The Night

maltz earth
12/17/16 1:38 pm

Finally! I had a feeling this was one of them.

wolf124 California
12/17/16 1:40 pm

Yeah....was waiting for someone to guess this. ☺

maltz earth
12/17/16 1:34 pm

Barry Manilow - Somewhere In The Night

callen002 Cincinnati
12/17/16 10:55 am

Wow, late to the party and still have one no one gave
Saturday night fever - bee gees

ronderman North Carolina
12/17/16 8:53 am

Running with the night - Lionel Richie
In the still of the night - White mSnake
Stay the night - Chicago
Stay The Night - Eagle Eye Cherry
All night long - Lionel Richie
8 Crazy Nights - Adam Sandler
Night Moves - Bob Segar
The Night is Still Young - Nikki
Night Changes - One Direction
Nightmare on My Street - Will Smith

O Holy Night
Silent Night

ronderman North Carolina
12/17/16 8:55 am

Night and Day - Frank Sinatra

Carolynn new jersey
12/17/16 8:09 am

We owned the night - Lady Antebellum

Carolynn new jersey
12/17/16 8:10 am

Friday Night - Lady Antebellum

Carolynn new jersey
12/17/16 8:07 am

Here Comes the Night - Van Morrison

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/17/16 7:54 am

The Night I Punched Russell Crowe by Gaelic Storm

cpaswr just say the letters
12/17/16 6:22 am

The Night the Lights went out in Georgia-Vicki Lawrence

brentwho Home
12/17/16 2:39 am

Corey Hart - Sunglasses at night

brentwho Home
12/17/16 2:36 am

Elton John - Can you feel the love tonight

maltz earth
12/17/16 1:53 am

Whitesnake - Still Of The Night

Carolynn new jersey
12/17/16 1:39 am

Silent Night - Bing Crosby

Carolynn new jersey
12/17/16 1:34 am

Let's make a night to remember - Bryan Adams

Carolynn new jersey
12/17/16 1:33 am

Why can't this night go on forever - Journey

Carolynn new jersey
12/17/16 1:31 am

Cold December Night - Michael Buble

maltz earth
12/17/16 1:08 am

La Bouche - Tonight Is The Night

maltz earth
12/17/16 1:06 am

Corona - The Rhythm of the Night

Carolynn new jersey
12/17/16 12:36 am

Shadows of the Night - Pat Benatar

maltz earth
12/17/16 12:02 am

John Lennon and Elton John - Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Carolynn new jersey
12/16/16 11:40 pm

Somewhere Friday Night - The Turtles

Carolynn new jersey
12/16/16 11:39 pm

Last night I had the strangest dream - Simon and Garfunkel

Carolynn new jersey
12/16/16 11:34 pm

I saw her again last night - The Mama's and the Papa's

orgblu10 Shamerica
12/16/16 11:33 pm

Need You Tonight - INXS

orgblu10 Shamerica
12/16/16 11:25 pm

But Not Tonight - Depeche Mode

SonoranBloom Formerly cowtown2
12/16/16 11:19 pm

Night bird - Stevie Nicks

SonoranBloom Formerly cowtown2
12/16/16 11:15 pm

In the Still of the Night - Fred Parris and The Satins (The Five Satins)

Carolynn new jersey
12/16/16 11:14 pm

All day and all of the night - The Kinks

orgblu10 Shamerica
12/16/16 11:13 pm

You're All I've Got Tonight - The Cars

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
12/16/16 11:13 pm

I drove all night - Cyndi Lauper