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political December 17th, 2016 3:22am

President Obama said that Hillary Clinton was not treated fairly throughout the Presidential Election. Do you agree with President Obama?

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ladyniner81 I hate people
12/20/16 10:38 am

Th media had their nose so far up Trump's ass, they could see his esophagus.

soflasooner Ft. Lauderdale
12/22/16 11:07 am

That's hilarious and exactly 180 degrees out of phase from reality. The media was in the tank for Hillary the whole way, as they are for anyone with a 'D' after their name on the ballot.

ladyniner81 I hate people
12/22/16 1:45 pm

Maybe it depends on what people were watching too. Fox was pro Trump. MSNBC hated him. I don't know about the others

soflasooner Ft. Lauderdale
12/22/16 1:46 pm

Valid point - I neglected to account for the Fox News outlier.

goerkecarol Aurora, Colorado
12/23/16 4:31 pm

Are you for real? The main stream media are all liberal (CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC). The only media organization that gave Trump a fair shake was FOX News!

You must have been asleep for eighteen months during the primaries and the election!

JudicialJedi321 Please Watch 2000 Mules
12/18/16 1:37 pm

She was given one free pass after another in all phases of the process. She stole the nomination, was given questions for the debates, every single scandal was dismissed and ignored as irrelevant by so called "reputable" sources, and nobody even considered the possibility trump could win.

If anything she was given an unfair advantage, and trump was screwed over. But he still came out on top, thanks to the thousands of Americans who saw past the deception and voted their conscience.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
12/18/16 10:48 am

If treated fairly = treated justly, then she was treated unfairly gentle by the media. The mainstream media constantly glosses over the actions of Clinton and her DNC ilk.

Suzan Hawaii
12/18/16 10:47 am

The Clinton started it from Bill ran the first time. They just got their pay back.

Isomax TIC TOC
12/18/16 8:40 am

She was rightfully skimmed from from the top like scum.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
12/18/16 1:06 am

Well, maybe I do agree. After all, if she had been treated fairly, she would be in Federal Prison right now.

commonsense America isnt racist
12/17/16 7:41 pm

Soon to be Unemployed man said what?

Captainbstring Biden is a Clown
12/17/16 5:03 pm

Hilary was treated way too nicely during the election. Jail for her would have been more appropriate.

mistah Happy Happy Joy Joy
12/17/16 3:32 pm

Clinton? No. Sanders? Yes.

12/17/16 2:19 pm

Yes, that is true. A false equivalence was established that Hillary's private e-mail server and paid speeches was somehow just as bad or worse than Trump's bigotry, racism, xenophobia, sexual assaults, sexual abuse, abuse of gold star families, tax avoidance, sexism, bankruptcies and encouraging Russia to commit cyber espionage.

sea California
12/17/16 7:38 pm

Agree. Clinton actually broke the law and should have been treated far worse.

corino Utah
12/17/16 1:49 pm

... She wanted to be called a racist, sexist. Homophobic, Islamiphobic, lying, egotistical, loud mouth who doesn't have the temperament to be president?

corino Utah
12/17/16 1:50 pm

She did have her staff rope the media off (with actual rope).

rons Thanks America
12/17/16 12:23 pm

I guess the media didn't want actual sex with her.

Liberty 4,032,064
12/17/16 10:54 am

Only insomuch as she gets was given every last possible advantage that government and media personnel could give her.

Phillyusmc Philadelphia PA
12/17/16 2:20 am

Is he insane , the only thing the media didn't do was literally kiss her ass on live TV

jlong105 Indiana
12/17/16 6:36 am

Exactly. She was treated unfairly to the advantage

PyroSadist like my comments follow
12/17/16 1:09 am

He is right! She was not treated fairly. If she had been treated like an average American she would be in jail

Carolinaaa My name is not Carol.
12/17/16 6:04 am

Came here to say that!

theNobamist Silicon Valley
12/16/16 10:36 pm

Indeed. She got lots of largesse.

missmorganmarie ...
12/16/16 10:27 pm


4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
12/16/16 10:24 pm

Ok, and Trump was...?

RagingMystic covfefe
12/17/16 12:56 am

Given hours and hours of free coverage and ensured everyone heard everything

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/17/16 8:37 am

He went everywhere he was invited to be on news networks. Clinton didn't. The more he went, the more they covered him. That does not include Sean Hannity licking his ass. He would have done that anyway but Hillary didn't go on many news shows. She minimized her own exposure.

chinito Florida
12/16/16 10:13 pm

New excuse. Is it the new Russia?

MontanaToastMan Colorado
12/16/16 9:53 pm

Don't you think bernie sanders was treated unfairly?

PyroSadist like my comments follow
12/17/16 1:10 am

Extremely unfairly... And I am no fan of Sanders

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
12/16/16 9:53 pm

Well, she wasn't treated fairly. She was given special treatment. She was fed questions prior to debates. She/her campaign was permitted to vet media reports before they were released. She was barely questioned about the pay to play and money laundering allegations being investigated within the Clinton Foundation. She wasn't challenged or argued with by moderators during debates like Trump was, and so on.

commonman1 Peace
12/16/16 9:50 pm

Obama is an idiot.

Hunter6Beast Texas
12/16/16 9:00 pm


Muffin2424 Utah
12/16/16 8:54 pm

She was unfairly favored I would say.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/16/16 8:52 pm

In a manner of speaking she was treated unfairly she got all the good PR and Trump got bad PR. Press was totally in her pocket and did not cover any of her trash. Obamas back to where he was when he first started blaming everybody

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
12/16/16 8:48 pm

She was given preference and great deference by the media.

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
12/16/16 8:43 pm

Sort of. The media was desperate to spin controversy out of nothing and find equivalence in Hillary for all of the nonsense spewing from the Drumpf that they made a mountain out of her emails and managed to convince a gullible, uneducated populace that there was something nefarious there.

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
12/16/16 8:46 pm

I don't think they intended to do that to her, they were just trying to present themselves as unbiased by trying to force 'balance' to the controversies of the Drumpf, because the mouthbreathing public think that news is only unbiased if it gives equal air time to all opinions, no matter how well founded they are.

political Georgia
12/16/16 8:55 pm

Hillary's emails were never a focal point to the media until the last few weeks.

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
12/16/16 8:57 pm

Liar. They spoke often and at length about her emails from the moment she announced her candidacy. It was the only thing they could 'dig up' about her that was remotely based in reality, so they ran with it.

political Georgia
12/16/16 8:58 pm

It was always brushed off. They much rather switch the camera to Trump's controversy way more.

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
12/16/16 9:13 pm

Well, he had a new one nearly everyday, they couldn't skip em and fall behind in the ratings, but they always compared them to Hillary's emails, over and over again, discussing them in contrast to each other as if there was some sort of equivalence. What it did was remind viewers every day to be afraid of Hillary's emails, but keep forgetting the last Trump controversy to make mental room for the new one.

political Georgia
12/16/16 10:48 pm

You're right. Comparing Trump's flaws to Hillary's flaws isn't even comparable. No wonder she lost.

screename1 Alaska
12/16/16 8:39 pm

What a joke. Leading up to the election everyone knew she was being favored by the media. Since she lost, history is being re-written.

ComradeJames nationalism
12/16/16 8:28 pm

She colluded with the DNC to rig the primaries and she had essentially all of the corporate media (save Fox 🙄) on her side throughout the General Election, while they blacked out the third party campaigns. No, I don't think that's 'fair' at all.

evoecon nearest binary system
12/16/16 8:28 pm

Would be nice for the President to apologize to Bernie Sanders for the unfair treatment extended to him during the election.

Think Lovin Life
12/16/16 11:10 pm

MrO take responsibility for his failure? 😂😂😂

political Georgia
12/16/16 8:27 pm

It baffles me that anyone would claim that a Clinton was treated unfairly. Hillary had the mainstream media, a rebounding economy (while artificially stimulated), and a terrible political opponent, and she still couldn't win.

ComradeJames nationalism
12/16/16 8:30 pm

She *was* treated unfairly, just in a way that benefited her much more than anyone else.

political Georgia
12/16/16 8:32 pm

Well - sure. Usually, people would say that Trump was treated unfairly in that context though.

ComradeJames nationalism
12/16/16 8:33 pm

I suppose. Trump had a HUGE advantage over the third party campaigns.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
12/16/16 8:26 pm

In a way, but not like Obama claims.
I think the media unfairly favored her.

political Georgia
12/16/16 8:28 pm

How was she treated unfairly? She has worked her whole life to be the most elite person in America.