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Praetorianus December 17th, 2016 3:15am

One of my favorite movie scenes is the Moonraker centrifuge challenge. Assuming the device is NOT tampered with like in the movie, would you rather stop the contraption when you start to feel very uncomfortable or push it to the point of blacking out

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swervin Maryland
12/16/16 11:51 pm

That was one of the only good scenes in the entire movie. That was when Bond "jumped the shark". It was slightly outrageous before but that took it too far. I thought the underwater car in The Spy who Loved me was out there, but fucking Jaws chewing through a cable for a lift was insane.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
12/16/16 8:18 pm

I'd be curious how much I can take. I know 2.5g easily (mission space ride at Epcot) but would hold on until I feel I'm blacking out before releasing the "chicken switch" or just go all the way - you release it automatically when you faint.