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TopsQueen December 17th, 2016 3:02am

I just received an unexpected blessing! Our high school choir came to my door and sang Christmas carols๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต. Have you ever been serenaded by carollers? Or sang them to somebody else? They had absolutely lovely voices.

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ladyniner81 I hate people
12/20/16 9:38 am

When I waa a kid people did. And at my old church, the choir went out caroling. It was fun seeing it

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
12/16/16 10:35 pm

At my former workplace on Christmas Eve, some workers would go through the building singing Christmas Carols. It was pretty awkward watching and listening to them, so after the first year I experienced that, I would time my coffee break so I wouldn't be present when they came to my work location...๐Ÿ˜. Go visit someone else...bah humbug!

susanr Colorado
12/16/16 9:54 pm

When I was growing up there were groups that came around our village caroling. I know my Girl Scout group did it some years, but there were adult groups too.

I just poked around on the village's web site to see if it's still done there. I don't see anything for sure, except that people gather on the village green and sing carols all together the night they light the village Christmas tree. There are also luminaries on a lot of the streets & driveways the same night, and I think that's a popular night for caroling as well, so maybe they still do it then.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
12/16/16 9:19 pm

I used to go caroling every year when I was a kid.

breanne Denver, Co
12/16/16 9:48 pm

Me too, it was a favorite annual tradition.

orgblu10 Shamerica
12/16/16 9:16 pm

Our neighborhood has a little kid chorus that goes caroling every Christmas.

PrinceOberyn Here I am Here I Remain
12/16/16 8:54 pm

The only time carolers showed up to my place, in the bloody morning on a Sunday...and I was hungover. They never got to sing, because I told them to go fuck themselves and slammed the door shut. Seriously. Don't fucking wake me up for that shit.

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
12/16/16 8:47 pm

That's lovely! They have that in my town but I would never be able to deal with the cold.

shygal47 Florida east coast
12/16/16 8:39 pm

What a wonderful treat!

Praetorianus Fair enough.
12/16/16 8:20 pm

Often in Germany.
The "star singers", carollers (kids) dressed like the magi went from door to door collecting for charity.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/16/16 8:54 pm

It was our local high school. My husband is the semi retired teacher and I did some charity work for kids there this year.

imanag My heaven on Earth
12/16/16 8:14 pm

I bet that was marvelous!! I haven't gone caroling in years, but I used to love to carol. ๐ŸŽต

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/16/16 8:54 pm

I did too when I was younger and will insulated

Kay41 the Midwest
12/16/16 8:08 pm

How nice!! I've never had the pleasure.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/16/16 8:05 pm

It's sure cheers you up doesn't it?