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coloradical December 17th, 2016 2:37am

Top OBAMA fund raiser was arrested for child rape. Have you heard the mainstream media report this story? If yes, where?

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Nuclear Boaty McBoatface
12/17/16 2:17 am

Bro. @susanr destroyed you. Do you not see that complaining about partisanship is the height of irony coming from you?

I remember the media practically ignoring the fact that the longest serving speaker of the house, a Republican, raped little boys. Does that mean anything about every other Republican? No.

Senate101 San Diego
12/16/16 10:37 pm

They cannot report every rape, mom matter how awful.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
12/16/16 7:42 pm

People who are against conservative leaning Fox News and all of the numerous Conservative Talk Radio shows say that any of the news critical of the Democrats is "Fake News". This is why there needs to be Freedom of Press & Freedom of speech. Otherwise none of the stories critical of the Democrats would be covered.

susanr Colorado
12/16/16 10:08 pm

That article is two years old.

The story was indeed in the mainstream news two years ago. Here is a link to a CNN article about it.

And here is an article from Oregon Live from about a year later after the case was dismissed. Mr. Bean contends that he was falsely accused. The alleged victim refused to testify; Mr. Bean was willing to make a settlement anyway; but apparently a judge dismissed the case.


susanr Colorado
12/16/16 10:12 pm

For the record, I do not make the claim that "any of the news critical of the Democrats is "Fake News" and I don't know anyone else who claims that either. That's just idiotic.

There are, in my opinion, some major issues with news articles, including some actual totally *fake* news, and a whole spectrum of other problems, but articles that are simply *critical* of any particular political group certainly aren't *fake* - unless there is some element of falseness about that.

Nuclear Boaty McBoatface
12/17/16 2:18 am

Susanr 🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏