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bartman71 USW
12/18/16 3:29 am

That's what we did. Small courthouse wedding, huge reception. I wouldn't change a thing.

12/17/16 8:04 am

Spending money you don't have on a big wedding is nuts bad way to start a marriage in debt .

cowboy Proud Father
12/16/16 10:32 pm

Already did because her father didn't like me. I was just a stupid kid then.

cowboy Proud Father
12/17/16 7:20 am

Young and dumb. Like all kids are. I had to figure it out on my own.

garrettr Alabama
12/16/16 10:28 pm

Sure, that's how my first wedding was.

DawnDanes New Jersey
12/16/16 6:35 pm

We got married at the Mayors office in our local court house. Neither one of us wanted a big wedding, we got a Harley instead. :)

12/16/16 6:07 pm

Is that what you guys are thinking of doing?
When I got married we had such a hard time with her family and the church (Catholic, I'm not catholic) I tried to talk her into a JP or going to Vegas... It worked out for us✌️😃

Suki90 Done with rude people
12/16/16 7:50 pm

It's a probability

cpaswr just say the letters
12/16/16 5:35 pm

I'd rather have a friend perform the ceremony.