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dfish December 16th, 2016 10:57pm

Do you consider someone who has a high school diploma to be uneducated?

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Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
12/17/16 2:21 pm

Pretty much. Bachelor's is the standard these days. But it's getting to the point where a masters or higher is required for any worthwhile career.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
12/17/16 2:30 pm

(Or a bachelor's with an abundance of relevant job experience)

kywrite augusta, ga
12/17/16 8:02 am

Some of the most educated people I know have no more than a high school diploma. Education isn't just from formal settings, especially today.

paranoidandroid peace love and science
12/17/16 2:38 am

Someone with only a high school diploma has received less formal education than someone who continued on to college (or beyond)... thus they are less educated. It's a classification of education level, not a measure of success or intelligence.

jmw7477 Indiana
12/17/16 2:21 am

My husband only has a high school diploma, but he's one of the smartest people I know when it comes to fixing and building things. He's an appliance repairman. But he can fix vehicles, ATVs, toys, electronics, etc. He's built cabinets, cat trees, bird play stands, baby cribs, etc. He can figure out those little metal puzzles so quickly. He's learned everything on his own.

nekmor Round Rock TX
12/16/16 7:38 pm

Honestly I think it depends on the individual, what decade the HS diploma was awarded, where it was earned v the same for the college

kawaiichan somewhere
12/16/16 7:21 pm

Depends really, I mean I have friends who only have a high school deploma and they make more money than I do, and I'm a college tutor, and yea I know that doesn't really prove they are more or less educated, but let's be honest if u were busting you buns in college while someone with just a high school deploma was make more money than you, their the one that seems more educated.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
12/16/16 5:47 pm

Paying $100,000 for a worthless degree is an uneducated thing to do.

dfish at home
12/16/16 6:47 pm


brentwho Home
12/16/16 4:10 pm

Stopping at a high school diploma, is like living on nothing but fast food
You will survive, but it's not smart

12/16/16 6:37 pm

Depends on what they want to do. I know some that are making well over $250k/yr

dfish at home
12/16/16 6:49 pm

Totally incorrect Brent. There's so much one can do without a degree, and an extra 4 years in the workforce can be huge

brentwho Home
12/16/16 8:06 pm

I worked part-time while I was in college

screename1 Washington State
12/16/16 3:59 pm

That's me! No, I do not consider myself uneducated.

dfish at home
12/16/16 4:08 pm

Right! Although I have a bachelors degree, it's driving me nuts how the media is just mass labeling everyone below my education level as being "uneducated".

screename1 Washington State
12/16/16 5:01 pm

Ridiculous. I've never been asked in an interview if I have a degree. Emotional intelligence and street smarts are underrated by the media.