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gow488 December 16th, 2016 10:12pm

Have you ever been to the Wisconsin Dells?

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TreeHair Wisconsin
12/16/16 7:48 pm

Noah's Ark, Kalahari, Chula Vista, Wilderness, Great Wolf's Lodge, and Mount Olympus.

badattitude no place like home
12/16/16 7:38 pm

No but I've flown over the area many times. It's really beautiful.

BrokenMirror free speech
12/16/16 5:54 pm

Went once when visiting my Mom's extended family in Madison. Some god waterparks there.

12/16/16 4:38 pm

Yes , in 1975 . It was pretty cool.

catpillow Florida West Coast
12/16/16 4:26 pm

I was there a few times as a child. I was about 6 or 7 years old. I remember riding the Duck, lovely cliffs, a gift shop with Native American items for sale.

gluxford1 Arizona
12/16/16 3:31 pm

I haven't been there, but I'd like to at some point. I know it's famous for its water parks.

Kay41 the Midwest
12/16/16 3:29 pm

Yes, a few times.

gow488 Wisconsin
12/16/16 3:14 pm

I've gone there multiple times. For those that have never heard of it there's a bunch of waterparks and other tourist stuff there.