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craftyAg Fraggle Rock
12/21/16 11:11 pm

I once saw a guy on a motorcycle lose control of his bike in an intersection, fly across the hoods of several cars, and land in a median. He wasn't moving when he landed. Yeah, I thought I'd better call.

ladyniner81 people suck
12/20/16 6:52 am

Yes, when my mom would fall. And when she fell down the stairs. And my sister had to call 911 on my dad when he fell in the bathroom. Turned out his Warfarin levels were too high

thursday Kansas
12/20/16 12:29 am

Yes. It was terrible. Still have nightmares about it.

12/18/16 9:26 pm

I had a bad dream and in my sleep called 911

12/18/16 1:37 pm

I saw a negro loitering outside my house so I had to call them!!!

12/17/16 10:45 pm

I called this past week for the first time.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
12/17/16 8:59 pm

I wasn't the one who physically dialed the number, but I've been in a situation where 911 needed to be called.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
12/17/16 9:00 pm

And also, I don't remember this, but my mother said when I was a baby I got a hold of the phone and dialed 911. They called back asking if everything was okay because all they heard in the phone was heavy breathing and gurgling noises.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
12/17/16 9:14 pm

Now that I'm thinking about it, I've been in multiple situations where one of my parents called 911, and many other times when we rushed to the hospital instead of waiting on the paramedics. The multiple times my brother had a severe asthma attack, the time my brother had a seizure, the time my brother dislocated his elbow, the time my brother sprained his wrist, the time my brother ingested a cashew and we found out he's allergic to nuts, the time we found out my brother had cancer, and the list goes on. My brother's had many an encounter with medical emergencies.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
12/17/16 9:15 pm

He's fine now. Just wanna put that out there. 14 years old, in good health, happy, smart, going places...I'm talking like Harvard places, the kid is amazing.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
12/17/16 5:37 pm

Yes. Once when I was like 1, and twice to report erratic drivers.

HilfeRetteMich Delaware
12/17/16 11:11 am

When I was 2, accidentally. My parents had to wait to change my diaper until the cops came to prove it was accidental. Oops.

ChristianMan19 Colorado
12/17/16 8:56 am

As a kid I typed 911 but didn't know the phone would automatically call. But ever since I haven't needed to. Benefits of living in a town of barely 1,000 people

ThomasPaine Writer of Common Sense
12/17/16 6:53 am

Many times, most of them for witnessing drug deals.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/17/16 12:15 am

Two weeks ago. A family member was minutes from dying

Doopy Remedial Americanism
12/17/16 5:38 pm

I'm sorry to hear that. Are they okay?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/17/16 10:38 pm

Yes period she is getting much better. And she lost some very dear friends in the Oakland fire.

ProbablyEug Oakland
12/16/16 11:20 pm

I watched someone get shot in my neighbor's driveway. Shit was insane.

susanr Colorado
12/16/16 11:09 pm

Once, in the early 80s. There was an altercation going on out in the street at the end of my block between an angry guy, an apparent ex-girlfriend, and a passerby who was trying to be a peacemaker. The sidewalks were full of kids just home from school, out playing. Angry guy went into house and came back with a gun.

I called 911, along with half the other people on the block. The cops came very fast, but not fast enough. Peacemaker guy was lying dead in the street when they arrived.


SHIPPY1944 Tn.
12/16/16 11:00 pm

No, I haven't , but it's nice to know it's there, if I need it❗

cowboy Proud Father
12/16/16 10:29 pm

Nope. I've learned to leave well before that happens. πŸ˜‰

12/16/16 9:50 pm

I called 911 after finding a car on the lawn next to my driveway backed up to a tree. A woman was in it, conscious, but ignored me. Turned out her blood sugar went to low and she was nearly comatose.

andy465 Guitar Center
12/16/16 9:44 pm

Called them twice in one day when I was like 3. I did it on a rotary dial phone which I didn't even know how to use so it was purely dumb luck. They weren't happy.

qball2801 Texas
12/16/16 7:56 pm

I've called police twice in my life, both times this year. Use to solve my own problems. Since getting older and paying lots of property taxes. Figured I would put my money to work. First call had a unknown horse show up at my house. Second call had a unknown dog show up at my house.

HilfeRetteMich Delaware
12/17/16 11:13 am

I'd say that's taking advantage, not cool.

craftyAg Fraggle Rock
12/21/16 11:15 pm

Call animal control, not the police.

qball2801 Texas
12/22/16 4:44 am

We don't have animal control.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/16/16 7:20 pm

One of my best friends did, from my phone, trying to call her home in Kansas. Apparently, 1-913 and 9-113 look *exactly* the same - to at least one person from Kansas.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
12/16/16 6:49 pm

I have to call like once a week. People are crazy.

sproded Minneapolis
12/16/16 10:51 pm

Or are you crazy?

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
12/16/16 11:57 pm

It's never me I have to call for its all the drunk hooligans fighting in the street, wrecking cars, etc.

AmericanWolf For the Benefit of All
12/16/16 6:41 pm

Yeah. I was like five and my mom wouldn't let me watch any more television.

AmericanWolf For the Benefit of All
12/16/16 6:41 pm

Looking back, I'm surprised they didn't put me up for adoption a few times.

DawnDanes New Jersey
12/16/16 6:26 pm

Yes, as a professional driver have called in accidents, broken down vehicles a couple of road rage incidents.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
12/16/16 5:48 pm

MANY times...Mom was a 911 operator & taught me how to call & supply the needed information & what things to report. πŸ™‚

I have only called for myself or a family member five times, I think.
1) My grandmother was hemorrhaging at home post-op & a tween me was the only person there with her.
2) & 3) Car wreck x 2 (Neither was ruled my fault)
4) & 5) With Dad toward the end of his illness

phalnx Ohio
12/16/16 5:30 pm

Twice, to report of which I was involved in. The cops took over an hour to get there, and didn't know jack about DOT CDL rules. I'll only use 911 when I'm legally obligated to do so.

12/16/16 5:25 pm

Oh yeah! Worse. Neighbors. Ever. Called many times, but the worst was when the boyfriend set the girlfriend on fire and she ran into the street ON FIRE! He was charged with attempted murder and went to jail. Very druggie neighbors.

bnnt Los Angeles
12/16/16 4:32 pm

Once when I was about 14. I was home alone after school and an old beat up car drove on to my lawn while I was watching TV, and a thug-looking guy ran out of the car towards my house. He started wiggling the doorknob, hit the front window, then jumped the fence to my back yard, then over the wall to the neighbors yard.

I called 911 freaking out.

About 30 seconds later 2-3 police cars came into the driveway with their guns out. Found out they were chasing him.

Happened nearly 30 years ago and it still shakes me up.

12/19/16 8:08 pm

Oh my god, just the other day a similar thing happened to me. I was with my sister at home, this gangster pulls up into our driveway and bangs on our front door. When we don't open the door, the guy moves to another door. I did not call 911, we called our family and they arrived to our house in around 2 minutes. My next door neighbor also said he would watch out for anyone approaching the house. I've got the best acquaintances.

EarlyBird Portland
12/16/16 4:28 pm

I've called a few times from my car.

blw1104 Pennsylvania
12/16/16 4:20 pm

Cars stopping at a garage sale were blocking the road until it was only one lane...then you had pedestrians with no sidewalk. It was an accident waiting to happen.

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/16/16 4:19 pm

Many times by accident

12/16/16 5:27 pm

Excuse me? Many times by accident????

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/16/16 5:29 pm

My phone had this "emergency call"button that would constantly be pressed when I was out doing something that required moving around a lot, like yard work.

garrettr Alabama
12/16/16 3:58 pm

Twice on accident and twice on purpose.

nsmith Suck on my freedom
12/16/16 3:57 pm

I've called a few times. The two i remember were both reporting nonfunctioning stop lights.

12/16/16 3:39 pm

Once at work while dialing 9 to connect with an external number (con call). I somehow dialed 99 instead of 9 then 11 instead of 1. I still can't figure how I did it but I assume it was an error because I was talking to someone in the room while I was dialing and wasn't paying much attention. I apologized to the operator and ensured them there was no emergency. That location somehow had enough erroneous 911 dials the locality started fining us each time.

12/16/16 3:44 pm

After that dialing externally to a client in North Carolina was an anxious situation - their area code is 919. I had to dial 9-1-919-###-####!

rons Thanks America
12/16/16 3:27 pm

Yes, wife went face to face with a black bear in the yard. 911 said to call your local police dept.

IrishAlzheimers oakland, ca
12/16/16 4:13 pm

Not really an emergency. When I was living in the Seirra Nevada, I had black bears open my garage door and take the ice cream out of the freezer while I was working in the driveway.

rons Thanks America
12/16/16 4:22 pm

She walk in the yard with bird seed. a black bear had the feeder and she was within 15 feet of the bear. She backed away. Turned and ran in the house. Bad enough the bear ruined the feeder it also took a dump on the lawn!

IEatzCookies Alderaan
12/16/16 3:25 pm

Was 2 years old and pressed 911 into the telephone oops

12/16/16 3:14 pm

I called them for fun as a kid. My mom had to explain to them to not send over a cop car.

GeneralDevin MN
12/16/16 3:11 pm

I butt dialed it once. I heard talking coming from my pants and I was like what the heck is my phone doing. My confusion quickly went to shock after I got the 911 what's your emergency message from the other end. She had to send a patrol car over after I explained the situation. It ended up being Nancy a friend of both of my parents and they had a friendly chat for a while.

Zach21 California
12/16/16 3:06 pm

No, and I hope I never have to.

coggy iowa
12/16/16 2:55 pm

70% of Democrats answered yes. I'm assuming they called 911 to report that the election was stolen from Hillary by the Russians.

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/16/16 3:16 pm

47% of Republicans answered yes. I'm assuming that's because they are too poor to have cell phones or too dumb to know what numbers to push to call 911.

nsmith Suck on my freedom
12/16/16 3:56 pm

Woah don't be a d*ck man

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/16/16 6:03 pm

Right...but it's okay when coggy makes a similar joke

nsmith Suck on my freedom
12/16/16 8:54 pm

Coggys was a joke. Yours was an insult

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/17/16 12:58 pm

Hey I'm sorry man. I guess republicans can dish it out, but I forgot they can't take it when it comes back at them!

nsmith Suck on my freedom
12/17/16 1:14 pm

Grow up. No one was insulting each other until you came into the thread.

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/17/16 1:16 pm

Okay dude. I do not care. Sorry if I hurt your feelings!

nsmith Suck on my freedom
12/17/16 1:32 pm

I appreciate your apology! I hope you can be more tactful next time! πŸ˜€

TrueAmerican Christian Conservative
12/17/16 1:33 pm

You took coggys original joke into a useless insult that wasn't even creative!

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/17/16 3:26 pm

It had more likes than anything you replied, so it had to be quite a bit more creative than yourself

12/16/16 2:42 pm

My brother was not talking and his face was 🀀

Arananthi Literal Ninja
12/16/16 2:40 pm

Funny story. When I was 4, for about a week, I came home to an empty house because my mom was being kept late at work and couldn't get there for about 20 minutes after I arrived. One of those days, on the bus on the way home, I got a migraine that I honestly thought at the time was killing me, so I called 911 and asked them where my mom kept the Asprin, bawling my eyes out the whole time.

My mom got home to 3 angry cops demanding to know what a 4-year-old was doing at home alone, and a 4-year-old who was hiding under her bed refusing to come out because his head hurt and the cops scared the crap out of him.

So yeah...that was my 911 experience. It's one of the very first things I remember. XD

Kay41 the Midwest
12/16/16 2:32 pm

Yes. Worst experience of my life.

Liberty 4,032,064
12/16/16 2:28 pm

Nah, I've never been to McDonald's when they were out of chicken nuggets.