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Pollcaster97 December 16th, 2016 4:30pm

Kellyanne Conway scoffs at the CIA, calling their findings on Russian election meddling "laughable and ridiculous." Is her claim believable?

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Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
12/16/16 12:18 pm

Brennan has politicized the CIA so badly that nobody should believe anything people from the agency say. If they are so certain of their opinion, why refuse to report, on the record, to the House Intelligence Oversight Committee?

keamyx The Great state of Texas
12/16/16 9:41 am

I said YES only to see results. I don't really know enough details from CIA investigation. But it is laughable to think it influenced the election in a bad way, since only actual emails were revealed. It would be portrayed much differently Obama if the emails exposed dirt on Trump or RNC.

wearemonkeys77 Lest We Forget... Hodor
12/16/16 9:32 am

Trump or Trump surrogates won't take this seriously until he is president.

12/19/16 3:08 pm

I think they will take it very seriously once they see irrefutable proof