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pipes July 11th, 2013 1:06pm

Your child (10-16) wants you to buy an object that you know they will never use. Do you buy it?

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07/13/13 7:36 am

Let them earn the money and buy it themselves. Best lesson they could learn.

07/11/13 12:07 pm

It depends on the cost or I will just make them use there own money

commonsense America isnt racist
07/11/13 9:16 am

I'll make them pay for it themselves. Earn the money on your own.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/11/13 6:37 am

It depends on how much they want it and how long they continue to want it. If they seem to really want it and continue to want it and not forget about it - maybe they will use it. Then I would probably work out a chore swap for it

07/11/13 6:32 am

It depends how expensive it is, for one. Like some plastic thing out of a gumball machine, sure, but not an Xbox or anything like that. More likely than not though, I won't buy it for them. Like mrsb said below, they can buy it themselves.

HalfDozenMama in my scrapbook room
07/11/13 6:15 am

A child in that age range could purchase the item themselves. If they were dead set on something I thought they wouldn't use, I'd do something like assign chores to earn $ to pay for it. Could be a valuable learning experience.

PAK the Armpit of Florida
07/11/13 6:30 am

I agree. It also depends how much the item costs. An iPad is much different than $50 fancy shoes.