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Show Of Hands December 25th, 2011 12:00am

Did you give or receive any Apple product (including gift cards) for Christmas this year?

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01/07/12 8:24 am

iPad... using it now!

2123500 Nevada
01/03/12 2:15 am

Only a $15 iTunes card. But I did get a 55in 1080p HD 3D Wi-Fi tv, with Netflix for a year :D

Moosey2 Texas
01/02/12 9:57 pm

Yes! An iPad. I have two usernames on here because I can't combine this account with my iPod one. I am both Moosey and Moosey2.

12/31/11 10:42 pm

Got a iPod. Using it now. Smells like grapes

12/30/11 11:26 pm

I got the iPhone 4S, the iPad, and a couple Apple gift cards. I love Apple !

12/27/11 3:05 pm

Yes, I received an iTunes gift card.

KyHeff Kentucky
12/26/11 4:45 pm

little sisters have itouchs yet parents still won't get me one. >:(

12/26/11 11:45 am

I got a $50 I tunes card :)

ilikepie Pieland
12/26/11 10:58 am

yes I got an iPhone 4S $155 worth of iTunes gift cards and an ihome :)

softball1? Florida
12/26/11 8:50 am

No I got a toshiba laptop that is 17.3 inches!!!!!!!!! I love it

12/26/11 7:26 am

No but I got a kindle fire!!!! Love it!!!!

12/26/11 12:10 am

I'm enjoying my new MacBook Pro, and my dad is enjoying his iPhone 4S and iPad.

i.Annie Ohio
12/25/11 11:41 pm

Would've liked to receive an Apple product for a gift. :p Wouldn't give though, they're expensive haha. Aside from gift cards of course...

musiciscoo Iowa
12/25/11 11:27 pm

35 dollars worth of I-tunes gift cards. also gave a 10 dollar gift card.

applestar Florida
12/25/11 9:58 pm

gave an iPad to my mother in law today.

12/25/11 9:32 pm

And a non apple case and dock

12/25/11 9:19 pm

The 50% that said no wish they had received an apple product.

DrCarpenter A2
12/25/11 9:07 pm

iMac and $50 in iTunes gift cards.

12/25/11 9:01 pm

got like $135 dollars in iTunes and an iPod nano 6

sam Maryland
12/25/11 8:35 pm

I got 3 itunes giftcards. I already have an ipod touch, iphone, ipad, and mac. I also got headphones for christmas but they r not made by apple.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
12/25/11 8:08 pm

Received an iHome, iPhone case, and gave someone an iTunes card.

12/25/11 7:34 pm

$30 gift card and iPod case

dlyliny1 New York
12/25/11 7:12 pm

I got an accessory for my ipad but it was not made by Apple so technically no.

12/25/11 7:08 pm

Itunes gift card $25

12/25/11 5:37 pm

I received my iPad and a case for my iPhone. except now I desperately need gift cards...

12/25/11 4:27 pm

Gift Card for me. We gave an iPad to my mom.

12/25/11 4:08 pm

Not for Christmas, but for my birthday which is right before Christmas.

gonk In a psychology textbook
12/25/11 4:02 pm

@herroguys I'm not adjusting well, because I have a hard time believing its really mine if an invisible amount of megabytes sits on a computer and calls itself something. I love real CDs and real books. I'm dreading their demise.

queenfinn Virginia
12/25/11 3:56 pm

Surprisingly, no! But I did get a bass guitar :)

12/25/11 3:49 pm

iPhone 4s and iPad 2 =)

12/25/11 3:43 pm

My dad and sister got iPads, my brother got an iPod, and me and my other brother got ITunes giftcards!

Nerdz Texas
12/25/11 3:28 pm

in my class gift exchange I gave someone a $15 app store gift card

beamie Michigan
12/25/11 3:25 pm

Bought my self an I tunes card :)