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mtbRIDER July 11th, 2013 12:57am

Please help solve an office debate... Which is a better hot sauce???

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mtbRIDER Gone riding...
07/12/13 9:12 pm

Tapatio by 1%... Haha! (I'm secretly pulling for Tapatio) :)

susanr Colorado
07/12/13 7:18 pm

I think it's great to use the app for stuff like this! However, I'm not familiar with either hot sauce. I waited a day so I hopefully wouldn't affect the outcome... much. I prefer Melinda's hot sauces, especially the mango one.

mtbRIDER Gone riding...
07/11/13 7:13 pm

Go figure... The poll is split 50/50! Ugggg!!!

Jungle in the dog house
07/10/13 7:02 pm

Cholula is always in our fringe. That and Spontaneous Combustion for those times hen I want to severely punish my taste buds and pain receptors.

mtbRIDER Gone riding...
07/10/13 7:02 pm

I just checked back and it is still 50/50... Ugg!

jpater Au2O3
07/10/13 6:24 pm

This is a deeply important and difficult question! Tapatio is hotter, Cholula is sweeter and more flavor-y... I have both in my fridge for different dishes/moods :)

Keldeo Laverre City
07/10/13 5:58 pm

Lol, official debate.
It's an opinion question.

mtbRIDER Gone riding...
07/10/13 6:01 pm

I told the employees to tell me which one to buy for the break room and things got "real"! Pretty funny actually. I told them I had a solution to act as the great decider... SoH!!