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Marcel94 July 10th, 2013 11:38pm

Would you feel comfortable letting a guest into your house right now? (Is your house clean?.......or apartment or dorm or box)

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Sam95 Nebraska
07/12/13 9:05 pm

Yeah my box is usually kept pretty clean. :P

07/10/13 6:27 pm

It's packed because we're moving, if they can stand the mess and the screaming bird, they're all welcome :p

07/10/13 5:23 pm

I am out of town, and my husband is there with the dogs, And I am sure it is as clean as I left it, he is cleaner than I am

EarlyBird Portland
07/10/13 5:21 pm

Everything is clean except my bedroom.

07/10/13 4:58 pm

Yes. Just had guests for the past couple days, so it's clean!

beanD California
07/10/13 5:13 pm

Usually AFTER guests is when my house is the most disastrous :P