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savannah77 Kentucky
11/30/12 8:39 pm

My birthday is July 3rd so defintley 4th of July

11/29/12 10:31 pm

The Fourth of July is my birthday. I think that makes me biased.

11/25/12 1:35 pm

4 day weekend, need I say more

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/24/12 3:38 pm

Both are equally important, but I love that Independence Day happens to be in the summer.

11/24/12 7:36 am

Forth of July is my birthday

gonzoboy Arizona
11/24/12 7:25 am

None of us can.

gonzoboy Arizona
11/24/12 7:24 am

The 4th of July is my favorite of all Holidays, and like it better than my own birthday!

11/23/12 11:23 pm

are you absolutely crazy nobody cares what you think

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
11/23/12 9:37 pm

Thanksgiving is the Holiday everyone can't wait to be over. We play Christmas music in November, and we trample each other right after Thanksgiving to go Christmas shopping. So 4th all the way.

11/23/12 12:44 pm

I can't hel that I'm pyro

Rosebud Ohio
11/23/12 9:21 am

That teacher was kind of a moron then. It's not celebrating the deaths of the natives, it's celebrating the natives and immigrants coming together and giving thanks for everything they had. Way for him to totally misconstrue the holiday c

Rosebud Ohio
11/23/12 9:18 am

It's a tough one, both are awesome for very different reasons. But Thanksgiving I get to spend time with family from out of town, so it wins. Barely ;)

fourwinds box of rain
11/23/12 7:24 am

I love summer, being outside, fireworks, cookouts, and beer, so the 4th it is.


11/23/12 6:03 am

Fireworks, red white and blue, and America?! It's hard to beat.
But for real, I used to walk around in a skirt with the flag decoration and red white and blue hair ties all the time. Now near the 4th I go all out. It's silly but I love it. And Captain America's bday is the 4th.

HolyBabble Mississippi
11/23/12 5:58 am

I don't consider the 4th of July a holiday. It's just another day.
Thanksgiving wins easily.

11/23/12 4:47 am

Thanksgiving is a great time to spend with extended family, but there's nothing like celebrating your freedom.

meeee Nevada
11/23/12 3:32 am

Delicious Food?..... Or.. Beer?

11/23/12 1:40 am

You should ask the same question again on the 4th of July.

Tpallidum Los Angeles, CA
11/22/12 11:43 pm

Thanksgiving. Just don't bring up religion or politics with distant relatives.

11/22/12 10:11 pm

Seriously do not come anywhere below Ohio then...this years fourth in NC hit 102.

11/22/12 10:09 pm

Thanksgiving. Food wins.

11/22/12 10:09 pm

Could you seriously have put any less effort into spelling thanksgiving? Like you had to consciously think of the way to abbreviate that...I'm shocked and impressed and saddened all at the same time...

11/22/12 9:28 pm

4th... The food is better I love a good BBQ. Plus it's summer which is a way less stressful time

brianparks69 charlotte
11/22/12 9:06 pm

No contest. Thanksgiving is a day for family and loved ones, no stress, no gifts, just good food and spending time with people, and since I love to cook, I prepare the whole meal for 17 people (today)! My favorite day of the year.

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
11/22/12 8:49 pm

Wow, Ohio is too hot for you in the summer? Do yourself a favor and never come to Texas from April to October....

EarlyBird Portland
11/22/12 8:21 pm

And interpreted it as the older people enjoy the kids and grand children that they may not get to see on July 4th.

11/22/12 7:50 pm

The fourth is also my daughters birthday that's why it gets my vote!

snuffulufugus Missouri
11/22/12 6:51 pm

We're banned from celebrating patriotiam

Hawkn Texas
11/22/12 6:37 pm

Thanksgiving is the best holiday
No gifts, just family

Emma Austin.ish.
11/22/12 6:33 pm

tough call, but you get to enjoy time with friends and family with maybe an easy picnic before fireworks on the 4th, with not as much stress and madness (usually). :)

11/22/12 6:33 pm

Dud is that guy the family hates to have at Thanksgiving because of his rants

dflem Arizona
11/22/12 6:18 pm

Fourth, nothing like blowing stuff up with fireworks

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
11/22/12 5:57 pm

They're both awesome holidays. The USA rocks!!!!!!!!!!

classicpatrick Erlanger, KY
11/22/12 5:34 pm

I wonder if the results would turn other way if same poll was taken on the Fourth of July

beltway District of Columbia
11/22/12 5:32 pm

I interpret it as older = more thankful

11/22/12 5:23 pm

I don't really celebrate either but thanksgiving is in autumn and I get to spend it at ski camp. :)

11/22/12 5:16 pm

Age filter - the older you get the less patriotic - ah, life's disillusionment ...

Malekithe Hades
11/22/12 5:15 pm

2 days off work vs 1

11/22/12 4:37 pm

A holiday dedicated to cramming food into my mouth? Winner.

11/22/12 4:36 pm

Too hot in July to enjoy a holiday

Bulleiver Earth
11/22/12 4:32 pm

Dud, ur such a political tool. Stop hating cuz ur moron candidates repeatedly lose when all they need to do is act like human beings. But instead always seem to turn out to be sociopathic narcissists.

Bulleiver Earth
11/22/12 4:25 pm

I picked the 4th cuz it's a holiday w more significant history, plus fireworks.
But I Wish the 4th was like thxgvg and somehow always had thursday&friday off, plus turkey.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
11/22/12 3:53 pm

The 4th is my dad's birthday, but it's always a stressful day and he's not a fan of the day. Thanksgiving has always been one of my two favorite holidays (Christmas being the other one) because we have huge family gatherings. It's the only time of the year that I get to see some family members.

palindrome California
11/22/12 3:43 pm

Thanksgiving is great but a painful reminder of how this country started. I love the food but it'd be like the Germans celebrating Sept 1, 1939 with a day of thanks. We should always give thanks to them and at least hope they rest in peace.

Quinnipiac Here
11/22/12 3:38 pm

Ya gotta break some eggs to make an omelet. And this omelet is the greatest nation to ever grace the face of the earth! USA! USA!

huskermedic Cincinnati
11/22/12 3:38 pm

Country comes first but our family does more on Thaksgiving.

11/22/12 3:08 pm

So is the question simply quizzing us as to which one we're currently celebrating?