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jonfrei the boonies
07/10/13 6:42 pm

My wife has a couple, so I answered yes, but no, /I/ don't... ;)

kelsey498 Colorado
07/10/13 1:19 pm

Yes I do and I love them!

fredd TrumpLand
07/10/13 10:17 am

No I don't have a designer man-bag. My wife likes coach bags though she effectively gets them for free.

bMyComrade Stumptown
07/10/13 9:47 am

A fancy clutch that was a gift when I graduated high school - I use it as a pencil pouch lol.

chrismisen atlanta
07/10/13 8:50 am

the left option is my opinion exactly

ebailey1218 Over The Rainbow
07/10/13 7:45 am

Its my only indulgence :)

susanr Colorado
07/10/13 7:43 am

I can't even imagine spending a big pile of money on something to cart around my stuff, just because it was made by some person famous for designing expensive things.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/10/13 8:07 am

Exactly Susan.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/10/13 7:37 am

I've purchased them as gifts.
I also have laptop bags and briefcases which are designer, if that counts.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/10/13 7:37 am

The ones I've designed for myself I certainly do. The one I can think of right now I knitted a round handbag. I made it look like a snowman head. I used wool and I felted it. I made a red hat on the snow person so it looks like a red hat slowlady