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kilokalex July 10th, 2013 1:00pm

TSA is considering to allow people to pay one hundred dollars to skip the line no search at all?

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Jungle in the dog house
07/10/13 1:03 pm

Hell, I'm pretty sure al-Qaeda can scrap up a hundred bucks to get their bomb on a plane.

commonsense America isnt racist
07/10/13 12:53 pm

That's not security. It's the mafia.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
07/10/13 11:09 am

Basically, all "terrorists" can pay to skip, while the rest of us get to act like cheap hookers and have our nude pictures seen and have our holes probed. Urgh.

07/10/13 7:05 am

That's completely ridiculous