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Show Of Hands September 11th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think most people in America generally end up living the lifestyle they deserve, as a result of their own choices, discipline, etc?

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09/18/11 3:17 am

...and I chose to NOT follow them.

I'm a terrible "friend," but I thank myself for my choices already!!

09/18/11 3:16 am

Grew up with poor parents, who still are poor, and I'm not.
Why? Because I CHOSE not to be.
I work hard and have gotten VERY good at fighting the temptations of all the "must-haves" in this world. Except my iP4, but I saved for that. 
Had "bad" friends too, but saw where they were headed...

09/15/11 6:33 pm

This question isn't black and white. I voted yes, but clearly there are some extenuating circumstances.

09/15/11 1:28 pm

And cost at all stores go up so now your workin less hours and make less money and everything costs more, so raising minimum wage hurts the poor, and the people making over minimum gotta pay more for products but they didnt make anymore money

09/15/11 1:25 pm

Helping the poor when it really hurts us, they raise wages and our bosses hafta to raise costs of product to be able to pay their employees, then customers get pissed & refuse to buy product so business goes down, and now bosses has to cut hours, so now you make more an hour but you lost your hours!

09/15/11 1:21 pm

Hey I'm from the valley and $9.50 an hour is good money here, I bought a house for $20,000 dollars and I can make my house payments for $9.50 an hour, just depends what the cost of living is where you live, I'm sick and tired of politicians trying to raise our minimum wage here and claiming they are

09/14/11 12:51 pm

9.50 an hour is not a good job and couldn't support a family

09/14/11 12:48 am

and y don't you ppl do your damn research, B4 you counter my argument?! Read a book! Do something, idc but personal opinion is NOT fact...FACT is FACT! point blank. But majority won't even bother doing the research b/c they would prefer to keep their biases, avoidin the truth at all costs..

09/14/11 12:45 am

@rosebud-I really don't care that u don't agree with me lol...That's ur life of ignorance on this matter not mine. You along with many others are usin your PERSONAL situation/feelings along with biases to form your opinion; Contrarily, I actually did my research and found the "truth" on this issue.

09/14/11 12:28 am

no actually the code isn't for black ppl, b/c black ppl aren't the ONLY ones with limited resources..It is however mostly regarding minorities; which does not consist of ONLY BLACKS, the same goes for women and so forth..Sounds like to me you have some stereotype issues you need to get past

09/13/11 9:04 pm

Vanguarde- I'm not aware there is one.
Mcd- that's not exactly keeping them down. Yes, it's giving them more than they deserve (my aunt is a career welfare recipient). But it's not keeping them down. They wouldn't work hard regardless. You're drive is there with or without it.

09/13/11 8:39 pm

What codeword are we using here for black people?

mcdkm Houston
09/13/11 5:46 pm

rosebud, good for you. that is what the welfare system is intended for. But how it is keeping people down is that people who are too lazy to work prefer to just live off the government. I have employees come to me all the tine saying they need to work less hours so they don't lose their "benefits".

09/13/11 10:08 am

Us afford Internet, so that we can take classes at the community college near us online. Don't forget how that's repressing us. SHAME on the people who don't get rid of welfare! It's ruining us! Keeping us down! We deserve better!

09/13/11 10:06 am

Afford to pay our water and electric, pay hospital bills and medical when we have to, were able to get a car and insurance so he can drive to work and work. In 6 months we should be off it, with a bigger place and a better safer car. How is that keeping us down? Keeping us poor?
Oh, it's also let's

09/13/11 10:04 am

We grew up completely different. My family had $, married parents, ect. He had an abusive stepdad, divorced parents, very poor, ect. We went to the same high school. Basically the same opportunities.
Also, welfare isn't "keeping us down". It makes it so we can afford a roof over our heads. We can

09/13/11 10:02 am

Aqua- you can keep your voice personally. I am poor. Get assistance. Working to get out of it. I disagree with about 90%+ of what you said.
My husband has an interview today for a job that'll pay 9.50 an hour loading trucks. Full benefits. That's underpaid? Bull. That's an amazing amount of money.

09/13/11 10:01 am

American, how sad you feel that way.
I said yes. It's more than just $. Even if it wasn't I know too many people who've done the rags to riches (including my dad). Yes coming from a well off family gives you an edge, but it takes more than that.
It's based on happiness, contentment, ect.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
09/12/11 11:04 pm

We are extremely blessed in America, that no matter what choices we make, our "lowest" quality of life is better than in many countries. There are many many Americans living MUCH better than they deserve based on their choices.

09/12/11 8:55 pm

Everyone has the opportunity in this country to try to earn their own measure of success. everyone

09/12/11 8:54 pm

some people are born into financially successful situations that have nothing to do with their personal success, others into situations that are no reflection of personal failures

09/12/11 8:53 pm

the question is lifestyle they deserve based on is a whole bunch of things, one of those is income but there are MANY elements that make up lifestyle. yes, most people have a lifestyle that reflects their choices.

09/12/11 8:51 pm

I'm not paranoid, I'm using my education and knowledge to share a new perspective, actually A REALITY, that many do not understand. Its unfortunate for the majority that dismiss this reality; but fortunately I am more privileged than others so my voice isn't for ME, it's for those who DON'T have 1

09/12/11 8:17 pm

The results seem to quell the liberal notion that society needs to be more fair/just. What could possibly more fair than people getting what they deserve as consequences of their good or bad choices?

09/12/11 8:06 pm

I'm encouraged by the results of this poll, that most people believe that others are rich/poor by their own actions. I agree that this is the case for the vast majority if people. Great poll question.

09/12/11 8:04 pm

Aqua: you seem a little paranoid.

09/12/11 7:58 pm

and exactly what They want b/c the blame is taken away from them: they live comfortable, continue to get ahead...and... we fight and blame each other..pathetic; open your eyes! educate Yourselves or remain blind. I'm done

09/12/11 7:56 pm

just like the govt hides info, in terms of politics; it's the same with the social structure. The same ppl u complain about (govt) are ironically the same you allow 2 manipulate u by accepting what they put forth w/out finding the facts. This debate shows their triumph, and America's ignorance

09/12/11 7:48 pm

@anarchy if you choose to manipulate my words feel free. the truth is the truth based off what I have said, and my theories are quite reasonable...I personally don't care if you believe I or not, I'm quite satisfies with knowing the truth and saddened by those who just refuse to at least consider it

09/12/11 6:00 pm

it's the obvious ones that abuse the system you know it goes from generation to generation, kid after kid.

09/12/11 5:58 pm

what if your a soldier on your 5th deployment, come home your jobs no longer available in the great recession? what if, what if? life Is what happens while your busy making other plans. j. Lennon

09/12/11 5:55 pm

there sure seems to be a lot of back and white on here! What happens if you got a great education ben working for a great company for 20 years. Suddenly the owner dies, family sells the business . the new company fire everyone. now you are unemployed in the middle of the great recession.

09/12/11 4:29 pm

If you're broke, it's from the decisions you make along the way to make it so. If your doing well financially, it is also from the decisions you make along the way. The different between success and failure all stems from the way that you think, books you read and the peoe you associate with.

09/12/11 3:57 pm

My father joined the military at 18 from abusive parents, stayed in 20 years working his whole life barely ever getting days off for us. He gets payed 500k a year now and he deserves that after all he has been through.

09/12/11 3:55 pm

I have seen first hand that some of the people who work the hardest, are the most honest, and do the best things, are so often the ones who r struggling. We shouldn't be judged on our talent and skill, but on out character.......

09/12/11 3:52 pm

Perfect data for the just world phenomenon.

09/12/11 3:10 pm

...because they actually believe all that crap you just said?

09/12/11 3:10 pm

aquamom: ? ..."I bet a lot of you are underpaid and don't know it"? seriously? is this where the "big evil corporate billionaires" are to blame for getting filthy rich "off the backs of middle class families" this why libs continually promote bad legislation?

09/12/11 2:15 pm

it's funny b/c I'm takin my last minor class(American minorities), 4 Criminal Justice AA and we're talkin about this exact issue lol. Anyway, I want 2 make clear that I'm completely aware that "SOME" don't work as hard as they should n DO deserve wt they get! those ppl represent a small portion tho

09/12/11 1:26 pm

It's not that we expect 2 much as Americans, I think we don't understand our WORTH n that we DO deserve more, but r limited due 2 the ways of the govt, ALL of us, to certain extent suffer from this (middle class, working class and underclass the most). we just need 2 b assertive and stop accepting

09/12/11 1:24 pm

all those that say they work hard an they get what they "deserve" ...I bet a lot of you are underpaid and don't know it; and your limiting yourself by saying you DESERVE what you get from working at an underpaid job which is usually out of your control..Hope the picture becomes a little clear..

09/12/11 12:49 pm

Yes it is usually always your choice. It was mine. My family works hard and we deserve everything we have.

09/12/11 11:48 am

Welfare leads to low self esteem, zero motivation, and more welfare. Everyone deserves a hand up, not a hand out. Welfare leads to dependence. The cycle continues. Don't be a slave to government handouts. Make something out of yourselves! You can do it! The government can't do it for you. Ever.

graciebug Kentucky
09/12/11 10:28 am

My husband left me while I was finishing school to be a teacher, with all the bills, etc. He also didn't pay any child support. I got food stamps and aid until I finished school. I've been teaching for 9 years. I think when things happen it's ok to get help, but you don't stay in a hole forever.

09/12/11 9:43 am

... Can make more then a firefighter, police officer, and sometimes a doctor. All because they pay union dues. Police and firemen, have unions but they get slashed on budget cuts, but the auto workers union can negotiate what ever they want? Absolutely gross....

09/12/11 9:41 am

... And are to good to shovel crap for a living. Then we proceed to bitch and gripe about how there are no jobs, that immigrants are taking them all. Unions drive wages up with contracts to do little work for more money. Its disgusting that someone who waves a flag at a road work intersection can...

09/12/11 9:35 am

The absolutely sickening aspect to this debate, is the fact that if you have a college education, are white, and never had to work until you got out of college, you will not take the $5 an hour job picking tomatoes or what have you. Most Americans, feel entitled to above average wages,...

09/12/11 9:08 am

but fed segregation laws be damned, we will do our best to keep a foot on the necks of blacks (and mexicans now) until they "give in" or "get out of" the south

09/12/11 9:05 am

kids get a bad education due to overcrowding and underfunding, which leads them to stay in the poverished areas, not creating good businesses or contributing to the econ and making kids that keep the cycle going. also used as economicly driven racial segregation