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07/18/13 3:57 pm

I need followers for my polls!

Pleas please follow me!

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/12/13 12:55 pm

I like a daily glass of red wine but at a cookout nothing beats a cold one.

07/11/13 11:38 am

Depends on the wine or beer =P

8ESBABY Houston
07/11/13 10:44 am

Brewski's baby!!

Congressman Louisiana
07/10/13 11:27 pm

I'm a beer guy... But a nice glass of dry red win always a treat. A good Merlot or Chianti are my favorites.

07/10/13 7:48 pm

I voted wine, but really neither. I rarely drink, but when I do it's liquors

scottstots Georgia
07/10/13 7:30 pm

I prefer beer and I prefer being day drunk

dwalte10 Toledo, Ohio
07/10/13 6:30 pm

Beer, not to get drunk though. I like to try various world beers and microbrews.

chile safer than congress
07/10/13 4:23 pm

Colorado! How could you not say beer?

Home of the Great American Brew Fest! And, tons of awesome micro-breweries.

ncbuc Get Over It
07/10/13 2:56 pm

Either. Just got done mowing the weeds. So it is.

cato Santa Barbara, California
07/10/13 11:52 am

Neither --scotch whisky ????

CAModerate California
07/10/13 11:46 am

Beer guy in a wine state. So alone.

tlhprosoh North Carolina
07/10/13 2:11 pm

Damn! ... just what you needed, another reason to drink. ;^)

stickman46 NJ
07/10/13 11:06 am

It really depends on the occasion - beer at barbecues and wine with dinner.

Yoko318 Utah
07/10/13 9:53 am

Non-alcoholic wine. AKA, grape juice.

Obroni Utah
07/10/13 7:33 am

Neither, since I don't drink. But from what I have heard about both, I think I world probably enjoy wine more if I were to drink so I voted for that.

07/10/13 7:06 am

It appears most of the democrats are women over 40.

07/10/13 3:11 pm

I'm as liberal as it gets, and that's the funniest thing I've seen here.

ProfDG I Want Truth
07/10/13 6:21 am

I don't drink alcohol. So, neither.

tlhprosoh North Carolina
07/10/13 5:41 am

Amarone della Valpolicella

07/10/13 5:29 am

Beer, specifically Boulevard Tank 7 or Boulevard 80 Acre

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
07/10/13 5:22 am

Wine. I hate beer

07/10/13 4:45 am

BEER. I love beer so. It is my favorite friend.

07/10/13 4:30 am

I picked beer only because that is what I drink the most of. A good glass of wine is also very nice too.

Carolinaaa My name is not Carol.
07/10/13 4:03 am

Wine without the alcohol :)

jrvrn Philly suburb
07/10/13 3:18 am

I chose wine since I can't handle carbonated beverages of any sort. Honestly though, I don't drink anymore at all.

studentforlife Colorado
07/10/13 2:16 am

How in the world did the majority of Colorado vote wine? Are the majority of Coloradoans on here from eastern Colorado or the middle of a mountain? It just doesn't make sense.

07/10/13 7:08 am

What color is Colorado? Note the liberal choice

07/10/13 1:47 am

If this was a question a cpl yrs ago, it would've been wine hands down. However with all the amazing craft beers available these days, I had to choose beer!

getupbaby South City
07/10/13 12:41 am

Times likes these I hate Tony for making me choose!

07/10/13 12:05 am

Honestly neither. I don't drink any form of alcohol

07/09/13 11:54 pm

Weed. Wine and beer are too heavy for me. Live and let live.

getupbaby South City
07/10/13 12:42 am

Weed + 8oz wine = BLISS

comppete Las Vegas
07/09/13 10:56 pm

I don't drink either. I only drink Single Malt, Cognac or Dark Rum.

KatG Liberal in Ohio
07/09/13 10:45 pm

I like both! I rarely drink (alcoholism runs in my family) but I generally drink beer if I'm in a group setting and wine on the rare occasion when I want to relax. I also go to wine tastings with my friends twice a year.

WillametteKevin Mossopolis
07/09/13 10:39 pm

A nice Muscoto. I find beer too bitter, even in the land of micro brews. I did try a nice beer from a brewery called 10 Barrel, out of Bend, Oregon.

pmurray00 New Jersey
07/09/13 10:34 pm

Gotta be specific. Red or white? Ale or lager?

oneopinion Idaho
07/09/13 10:33 pm

Supposed to be the beer emoji...

TreeHugs Oregon
07/09/13 11:01 pm

I miss emoji...

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
07/10/13 4:51 am

I don't. To many people got to carried away with them....

valeriejo ramble on
07/09/13 10:26 pm

I'll take one of each please ;)

jmz1202 Sacramento
07/09/13 10:07 pm

Neither. Vodka and tequila.

theavgguy I.E.
07/09/13 10:19 pm

Can't go wrong with those two.

TreeHugs Oregon
07/09/13 11:02 pm

Agreed, vodka. Except for the headache...

theavgguy I.E.
07/10/13 6:27 am

Stop drinking cheap.

jmz1202 Sacramento
07/10/13 6:33 am

I don't get a headache from either.

thebob Medford Oregon
07/09/13 10:05 pm

Horrible question to ask an alcoholic.

theavgguy I.E.
07/10/13 6:28 am

could have past up the question.

smacc DunningKruger
07/09/13 9:56 pm

This is just cruel. How can you make us choose?

mewells Arkansas
07/09/13 9:32 pm

Real beer. Not the mass produced crap.

violence Pretty hate machine
07/09/13 9:32 pm

Wine if I have to choose, but preferably neither. They're both pretty gross. Give me cider! (Or give me water!)

Praetorianus Fair enough.
07/09/13 9:53 pm

Strongbow is excellent cider.
I call it apple wine.

07/10/13 1:25 am

Angry Orchard cider is good too. I call it adult apple juice :)

stageman99 State of Jefferson.
07/09/13 9:27 pm

Wine..... Except when it's beer.