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Do you voluntarily give 10% or more of your income to a church or charity?

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ishady 86451132020
09/05/12 12:55 pm

Nobody should be guilted or forced to give to charity. What kind of fuggin ppl insist you give? It's not charity if they make you do it, it's a tax.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/04/12 10:20 pm

This is exactly why our governments have grown so large and bloated: because you're not doing your part voluntarily. For shame!

McQ26 Dallas
09/04/12 10:32 am

Never to religious organizations. Yes to other charities. All the churches ever do is build bigger churches- how charitable of them... Religion = corruption.

ishady 86451132020
09/04/12 2:53 am

All religions are cults. Not just morons.

HAUSTYLE California
09/04/12 2:42 am

Haha silly Mormons. now the rest of you all now know why the cult is the fastest growing cult in the world. I really hope mitt face doesn't get into office. Jesus, hear my prayers, don't let mitt face win it.

09/02/12 11:31 pm

Go to the following link to read about tithing in the Mormon church.

09/02/12 11:28 pm

Bishops, pastors, etc. are not paid anything for their service. Clergy in the Mormon Church are "Lay", meaning that they are not paid. See the new testament regarding lay clergy. "...freely you have received, freely give."

09/02/12 11:25 pm

Tithing donations are not collected in this fashion. Tithing donations are given by the giver privately and confidentially in an envelope provided for that purpose. Donations are not received by passing around a "donation plate" during worship services.

09/02/12 11:22 pm

Two Aaronic priesthood boys knock on the doors of homes in their congregational area to collect these funds that are willingly given after this fashion to care for the poor in their area. These contributions are called fast offerings, not tithing.

09/02/12 11:18 pm

@BluejayV, on the first Sunday of each month, Mormons fast for two meals. They then donate willingly, if they choose, the value of those meals, or much more if they are generous, to care for the needs of those who are struggling financially, etc.

09/02/12 1:25 pm

@rgum look up the definition of tithe. It clearly states income in the definition now if you get paid in extra hours in your day please tell me where you work cuz I would love to apply. And it was in the mountains of Peru and it was not a single pastor but ALMOST all leaders of every church

rgum Texas
09/02/12 12:02 pm

@justintwitt... That verse doesn't say income though, tithe can be 10% of your time too. And what country was that?? It was probably a pastor who got their education in America.

09/02/12 10:36 am

For those asking where it says it in the bible try looking up Malachi 3:10.... It's pretty clear and I have lived in a 3rd world country for 6 months and the priest and pastors ask for far more than 10 percent.

rgum Texas
09/02/12 10:25 am

I have had money when I didn't think I'd survive, I've lived off of almost nothing. And I've been blessed. Why? Because of Gods grace! That's all. Me paying some cash to a church will NOT determine my entrance into heaven at all. I'm not saying I don't help out charity I just do what I can.

rgum Texas
09/02/12 10:22 am

I think Americans should all be made to go live in a 3rd world country for once in their life. Things are way different. Do you think a pastor in the country side of Africa preaches about paying tithe?? Come on. I'm telling you that's not what God meant by tithe at all. We are blessed living here.

09/02/12 9:36 am

@bluejay I just read your lower comments: You live in Utah but obviously in isolation...try talking to a Mormon from time to time...missionaries a majority of the time pay for their own missions and bishops and most other leaders work for free.

09/02/12 9:28 am

@bluejayv I'm pretty sure the members pay their charity so they can have meeting houses...just because their members consistently pay more so they can afford these things is actually positive in my view. People don't just give money away...this says to me they are getting value in return.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
09/02/12 8:31 am

The Mormon church is a big money making machine. The Conference center? Sure that wasn't cheap. There's a Mormon church for almost every three blocks in SLC. And those Temples? Those weren't cheap either. LDS Business College? Not a cheap building either. The 22 story LDS HQ downtown? Not cheap.

rgum Texas
09/02/12 8:10 am

@JMS, that's what your led to believe. Use your brain the church is trying to survive too. Duh. I've been blessed beyond everything and guess what I don't pay NO church MY money. Now do I give back, yes I do. I do a lot for my community. That's my 10%

rgum Texas
09/02/12 8:07 am

@JMS... Where in the bible does it say to "pay your tithe?"

rgum Texas
09/02/12 8:04 am

Nope I sure DON'T and never will. That's not what the bible says. That's just what organized Christian pastors tell you in America. Read your bible folks. Don't rely on a man to tell you what it says. Tithe can be anything from 10% of your time as well.

CarrieMarie Mad Science Crew
09/02/12 7:59 am

I'd like to see a poll separated by charity and church. I'm willing to bet more Dems give to charities and more Repubs give to churches.

09/01/12 10:24 pm

BluejayV you really have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
09/01/12 9:26 pm

And God said unto them "Give the church 10% of your annual income, so that they may build billion dollar temples and send Missionaries overseas to go door to door to convert those of the wrong faith. And this money will go toward building secondhand clothing stores and buying new cars!"

BluejayV Life is Cinema
09/01/12 9:21 pm

Any person or organization that requires me to give them my hard earned 10% is trouble. The government builds my roads, regulates my employer, brings in commerce, and sets my wage. And they give me my tax money back. I'm cool with giving them money. But churches? Damn bishops with Lamborghinis.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
09/01/12 9:11 pm

Utah says yes. I say "Hell no." The tithing is essentially required in Utah. They come to your house if you don't pay. True story.

09/01/12 5:35 pm

Those things pull us through every time.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 1:59 pm

...the only explanation is our obedience to paying tithing. Scoff and doubt if you want but I know what I know and I KNOW tithing is a commandment from God that will bless our lives immeasurably.

My name is Jane and I am a Mormon.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 1:59 pm

... A surprise bonus from work, a neighbor with an electrical problem my husband could fix, & even more miraculous, the money just stretched. I still don't know how we got through those years, paying our bills, buying food and gas, etc., and making it every month with money to spare. The ONLY way...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 1:58 pm

...obedient in paying my tithing, the money has a way of being there even when everything says you don't have enough. I've done the math on the past. There wasn't quite enough to cover tithing & everything else. But we paid tithing. And God's blessings were poured out just as promised in Malachi....

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 1:58 pm

CDFL- You absolutely right in saying God doesn't need the money. He gave us the commandment to pay tithing as a way for us to prove our obedience to Him. It's not easy to give 10%+ away when you're young, in school, have a family, don't have a lot to begin with, etc.
In my experience, when I am...

09/01/12 10:43 am

We choose to give away 20% of our income. It's a sacrifice--we have bills, student loans, rent etc to pay and we are married and only a year of out college, but we decided that it is more important to us to be a blessing to others. It started at 10% and we have just continued to increase our giving.

09/01/12 10:22 am

Does government count as a charity??

09/01/12 10:20 am

Mormon's are really admirable.

sohuser California
09/01/12 9:25 am

Got to hate those greedy republicans.

hmharris SoCal
09/01/12 8:17 am

Wayyy more republicans than democrats give money to church or charity... And yet people still say republicans are greedy and selfish... Smh

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 7:34 am

Think & RJ-- I agree with you both. The truly charitable org.s could do the work so much better!!!! That's why I give my money to an org. that I know uses 100% of it on actual charitable acts. And I volunteer time for that org. in several different ways. Find what you believe in!!!

Rosebud Ohio
09/01/12 6:14 am

Sadly no. We give when we can. But being able to pay bills comes first and foremost... And that's been very tight lately.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 5:56 am

Sorry for the delay in posting. Our power went out just as I was trying to send. And of course, our Internet has to have electricity and I didn't think about using my iPhone to tether. Oh well. :-)

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 5:55 am

And not having a recommend is something to be concerned about but it's not always something that puts a member in "serious jeopardy". A member who chooses to not follow the covenants they've made and knowingly goes against them are the ones in serious jeopardy.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 5:54 am

..Temple recommends-- you can loose it if you are simply choosing to not pay tithing. If you got behind and are working on "catching up", it would be a rare Bishop who took the recommend away. Been there, kept the recommend.
And it's not Joseph Smith guarding the entrance, it's angels who stand as..

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 5:54 am

and gifts-- yes, I pay tithing on those since they are fully gains. Food stamps-- really??? NEVER heard of that one and I doubt you would find any Bishop that would tell you to tithe it. We pay into the system, we get it it of the system. Another reason for paying on gross income...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 5:54 am

...each person to decide whether to pay on gross or net. Personally, I pay on gross so that when I get a tax refund, I've already paid my tithing on that money. Student loans--- having had them, I know that it is also up to each person. Since it was to be repaid, I did not pay tithing on it. Pell...

madeit Houston Area
09/01/12 5:44 am

If we all gave 10% of our tome and money, we wouldn't need government to take care of us-we could easily care for one another; neighbor to neighbor, day by day, unselfish, compassionate giving. If we stop sacrificing for one another, we lose what makes us human.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/01/12 12:28 am

think, perfectly stated. I will be the first on board if these organization earned my faith in what they should be doing.

08/31/12 11:57 pm

I try to give a little here and there.. Definitely not 10% though. And I make sure it goes to people who need it most -NOT religious organizations.

Think Lovin Life
08/31/12 11:50 pm

RJ ... for once I agree with you! If everyone paid a tithe, the truly charitable organizations led by compassionate volunteers could take care of the truly needy much more efficiently then the amoral bureaucrats who mindlessly administer programs that are designed by biased elected officials.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/31/12 11:34 pm

RJ-- will you please post the page link to where you found your information that was posted just before 5pm?? As a very active, tithe-paying Mormon, I've never heard of some of that information. In fact, most of it is absolutely not true. Let me explain--- paying tithing on income-- it is up to ...