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Rocker July 9th, 2013 9:04pm

When you eat donuts, do you prefer the ones with icing or without it.

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Rocker saved by grace
07/09/13 6:51 pm

I usually like the glazed donuts, but I would enjoy some of the plain ones hot out of the oven.

PeanutButterJulie Cincinnati
07/09/13 5:35 pm

I like glaze on it, but not icing (like you would put on a cake).

bonemedic Texas
07/09/13 4:50 pm

Shipleys white iced with coconut AHmazing!

jonfrei the boonies
07/09/13 3:05 pm

A nice glaze is perfect. Icing is too much...

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/09/13 2:31 pm

Now ask about cake donuts vs. yeast donuts! I like chocolate-iced cake donuts best.

Rocker saved by grace
07/09/13 6:45 pm

I will sir. Thanks for the suggestion.

Rocker saved by grace
07/09/13 6:46 pm

I'll give you credit in the comment section

bballard92 taste the rainbow
07/09/13 2:24 pm

My favorites are old fashioned and cake donuts :) neither of which require icing.

aurealis the sky
07/09/13 2:19 pm

I HAVE to have icing. I am a huge sucker for icing. Mmm ❤

susanr Colorado
07/09/13 2:08 pm

Icing. But I don't eat doughnuts.

Emily33 North Carolina
07/09/13 2:06 pm

I'm not a big fan. But if I had to pick, I like the cake donuts better