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ebailey1218 July 9th, 2013 6:22pm

Does "abstinence only" sex education in middle and high schools work??

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badattitude no place like home
07/09/13 7:49 pm

It's like telling dogs not to screw.

kylievb317 California
07/09/13 6:44 pm

:) Worked for me. But not for a lot of other kids at my school. Depends on each individual person.

dramaschick All ways in my head
07/09/13 12:09 pm

I think it's a horrible idea. Please refer to the movie "saved"

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/09/13 11:43 am

Really - people think this works??

ebailey1218 Over The Rainbow
07/09/13 12:35 pm

It's what they do with my kids schools. Not all parents do their jobs and talk about this stuff with their kids. It's sad but a fact