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Show Of Hands October 9th, 2011 12:00am

Who would last longer in a zombie apocalypse: 10 Wall Street protesters or 10 Tea Party activists?

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10/22/11 9:23 pm

Tea Party consists of stupid and crazy extremists. Only reason they could survive is if the zombies work in killing them wasn't worth getting at their microscopic brains

zello Pennsylvania
10/19/11 8:26 pm

The waal street occupiers cant even clean up after thm selves. they hate businesses who grow wen WE buy their products! If u want to send a message boycott the business not screw up a private park wih litter. Heck they even steal from each other!

thumpinc99 California
10/19/11 11:07 am

hopefully at the apocalypse we could finally understand "live together or die alone" and this BS isn't the most important.

Mike23 Hawaii
10/18/11 7:50 pm

At first I wanted to say, "well the tea partiers will have guns so they'll survive". Then I remembered the pictures from the tea party protests and it didn't look like they were missing many meals and the first rule in a zombie apocalypse is "cardio". So I guess we're all screwed.

Neiman New Jersey
10/17/11 7:06 pm

Tea Party people will survive and sustain themselves!

10/15/11 10:29 pm

@ US navy vet
Lol! Good point!

Rational1 Ohio
10/14/11 2:14 pm

Is this an argument? I agree with the occupy wall street movement much more than the tea party. But the tea partiers have all the guns and are more concerned with their own personal well being than anything else. Obviously they'd last longer.

rcwfl Florida
10/13/11 2:42 pm

The wall street protesters would be the first to go!!! At least the tea party can organize and have a message even if it is kill the zombies!!

NotAsheep Nevada
10/13/11 1:45 pm

Bubba with a gun in his trailer stands no chance. The wall street types either have bunkers or safe rooms at the ready, and fully stocked, so yeah.. my money is on Wall Street.

bhz2797 New Jersey
10/12/11 7:32 pm

tea party because they'd blend right in.

10/12/11 6:06 pm

the only way I see that the protesters lasting longer is the zombies wouldn't be able to distinguish their scent from the protestors.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
10/12/11 9:36 am

seeing that the tea party respects all 10 amendments of the bill of rights, including the 2nd, I vote tea party.

Timkat1994 Washington
10/12/11 12:11 am

Wall Street Protesters. They're taking some initiative.

10/11/11 10:54 pm

The tea party people would fight off the zombies while the wall street people would sit and wait for their zombie apocalypse wellfare checks

10/11/11 6:25 pm

Bahahaha! Who chooses wall street? Lots of democrats did, but think about it. Who is more likely to own more guns than family members, buy ammo everytime walmart gets a new shipment in, and have been a member of the NRA since they were 8? The tea party would go offensive on the zombies lol.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
10/11/11 2:15 pm

neither would last at all,both would be extinct at same time.

jswolfeye New Jersey
10/11/11 1:18 pm

most wall street protesters are hippues. hippies die first.

10/11/11 12:21 pm

they are the same damn thing!!! tea partiers are just liberal republicans and occupiers are radical liberals. it's a beautiful thing lol :)

10/11/11 12:17 pm

T.Ps r old people who sit on their lawn chairs w/ their sun hats n wave tiny American flags. I.e. zombie bait.. occupiers r hipsters who r so fed up w/ being ignored that thyl do counterproductive crap for attention. unfortunately thyl b n highly populated area for the outbreak so yeah.. zombie chow

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/11/11 12:14 pm

Tea Party = peace ??????

LOL, you must be kidding.
Go to YouTube and do a little searching around, there are a lot of videos that show Tea Party members being violent and intolerant.
The Tea Klux Klan is nothing but the American Taliban.

oriole Indiana
10/11/11 12:05 pm

Wall street protesters would get raped lol. They cant stand for themselves, always asking the govt for more rich people's money...

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/11/11 12:03 pm

This is a trick question.

Tea Party members are zombies.

10/11/11 11:14 am

Tea party=party of peace and individual freedom/responsibility
Occupy Walls Street =party of intolerance and anarchy

David01127 Ohio
10/11/11 8:01 am

Statistically, you are more likely to be shot by a family member than a criminal. Think about how easy it would be if your son/daughter is up late or snuck out, and you mistake them for a burglar.

David01127 Ohio
10/11/11 7:58 am

I'm a democrat, but tea partyers are more likely to have guns have guns.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
10/11/11 1:32 am

I think if you were to ask a random tea party person which amendment was their favorite you would hear 10th much more often than 2nd.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
10/11/11 1:29 am

I think a BUNCH of people on here have the tea party confused with the NRA.

10/11/11 12:06 am

The Tea Party people would win because they have a bunch of guns xD

10/10/11 11:44 pm

Wow... Lots of ignorance and hate!

10/10/11 11:35 pm

lol this question is awesome!

veritas1 Panda
10/10/11 11:18 pm

@Alyssa. Your statement was a lot more idiotic.

10/10/11 10:49 pm

I don't think zombies like urine and fecal matter so the Wall Street protesters would be just fine

10/10/11 9:50 pm

And the tea party would win because all the wall street protesters are busy sitting in jail...and when they get out, they're only going to demand that everyone else (tea party people, capitalists, etc) save them and take care of them. I say feed 'em to the wolves, survival of the fittest...

10/10/11 9:46 pm

Dwf - that's the most idiotic statement I've ever heard...ever

As I type this, I'm lying in bed with a loaded gun next to me in my nightstand. Hope I never have to use it, but if some random dude comes climbing through my window at 2 am, I'll sure be glad to have it. Case in point, you're a moron.

10/10/11 9:44 pm

My money is on the wall street jacamoles since the tea baggers probably have the same IQ as a brain dead zombie!

10/10/11 7:42 pm

tea party all the way....we are armed!!!

10/10/11 7:41 pm

Tea partiers are sadass sorry excuses for sane Americans. I would take a freaking Ron Paul over a stupid Michelle Bachmann any day, but even then I would still be voting for a greedy tax-happy son of a bitch.

10/10/11 6:55 pm

Tea party people carry guns. Many tea party people actually want the opportunity to kill someone. Party of peace loses easily.

10/10/11 4:41 pm

I love zombie apocalypse theory, but inserting politics into the discussion is just annoying. Unless we are talking about zombies vs. congress. That I would like to see.

10/10/11 4:32 pm

Well, the Tea Party retards do carry guns, but you do need brains to survive, so I'm gonna say the wall street protesters.

10/10/11 3:34 pm

Who would win in a battle between the Tea Party members and the Coffee Party members? Damn idiots, clinging to their cream and sugar.

10/10/11 12:36 pm

Clearly the Wall Street Protestors, as they're the most likely to have seen ALL the Zombie movies, assuring that they'd know just what to do.

Soitgoes Missouri
10/10/11 12:13 pm

I need to know two things. Which group is more adept at using a machete and which group rides motorcycles. Also, -1 pt for any longhaireds on the Occupy Team. Zombies love long hair.

Valarean Utah
10/10/11 11:21 am

Rule #1: Cardio. Therefore the protectors win.

Rule #3 Double Tap. Therefore the activists win because they have more bullets.