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jennamia Pennsylvania
07/24/13 10:44 pm

Skinny jeans are real hard to wear when you're 5"8. My legs never end lol

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/14/13 9:32 pm

I was 6ft in high school. Now I'm just going to wear a "I'm not short, I'm fun sized" shirt to low people's minds!

camlop San Diego, CA
07/14/13 6:51 pm

5'8". Trying to find clothes that fit me or don't look slutty on me is a real challenge. And it annoys me when people say I don't need heels. No one needs heels, jack!

jtopo Istrouma
07/14/13 6:12 pm

5'9". Do you know what a negative impact that makes on dating? Many men don't seem to like being with a woman taller than they are. Sigh.

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
07/16/13 11:08 pm

Hang in there, hon. I'm 6-feet and I found my sweet hubby who's 5-8. (I love being his Christy Brinkley, lol!)

accountdeleted earth
07/21/13 4:18 am

Likewise! I am taller than my husband as well.

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 1:44 am


Thankfully, because I'm a wreck in heels!

brittanyruth only ten I see.
07/12/13 1:24 am

I feel very short reading the comments!

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 1:44 am

Short and sweet!

07/11/13 9:05 pm

I'm 5'8", but I'm predicted to be about six feet.

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
07/16/13 11:04 pm

Awesome!!! I love being 6 feet tall!!!

HPNerd Hogwarts
07/11/13 5:33 pm

Not by much, I'm 5'8". I've always enjoyed being above average in height though.

dramatic13 Tennessee
07/11/13 4:58 pm

I'm 5'9'' and not loving it. I'm taller than most of the males in my school. Most guys also don't date girls taller than them. *Sigh*

07/12/13 7:22 pm

I have the same problem. :(

JustJess Laguna Beach
07/11/13 12:43 pm

5'5 and 3/4... LOL, just missed it! :)

reneerose Wonderland
07/10/13 7:23 pm

5'8 I love being tall but it has both it's perks and cons!

07/10/13 5:53 pm

I'm 5'2" and I'm in my twenties so I'm definitely done growing.

Sam95 Nebraska
07/10/13 1:38 pm

5'9". I love being tall.

MissN The Experiment
07/10/13 4:02 pm

Good modeling height =)

brinrawson Knoxville and DC
07/10/13 8:53 am

Well aren't I short?

musiklady Earth
07/10/13 8:35 am

I'm 5'5" :) so I'm pretty average height for a woman.

rlc63 North Carolina
07/10/13 6:48 am

Stats are messed up because guys answered question!!
No one can leave a question blank. It would drive us crazy

07/10/13 5:47 am

I'm 5'8 & it's kind of a curse. Everyone says "oh you have such nice long legs" but I can't find pants or dresses that are long enough & I'm a skyscraper compared to all my friends.

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
07/16/13 11:11 pm

Move to So Cal -- 5-8 isn't particularly tall out here!

Laurie2133 Rural Southwest
07/09/13 10:28 pm

5'5", totally average height, I think?

emsies Seattle
07/09/13 10:16 pm

It's a pain really, considering that I have an array of short friends and I look like their camp counselor. And my height is always being commented on.

07/09/13 9:21 pm

5'5" with brown eyes (caramel completion). Smile like the sunrise (body like heaven). ;0)

07/10/13 4:53 am

Ahhhh City High !

jgf I have a few questions
07/09/13 9:18 pm

Hmmm. I'd heard that taller men get better pay. Looks like that holds true for women too.
I'm only 5'2".

07/09/13 8:48 pm

6': so hard to find the right length and fit with everything!!! (sleeve length, inseam, waist not where it's supposed to be in tops and dresses...) and don't get me started on shoes!
But hey, I still like my height! :-)

treegardner San Diego
07/09/13 8:19 pm

5'8" I have the hardest time finding pants long enough.

kc17 Minnesota
07/09/13 8:41 pm

5'9 1/2" and the majority of my length goes to my legs. Im feeling your pain, sister.

Tandoori Classified
07/09/13 8:06 pm

5' and my mom doesn't encourage the possibility of my growth.

rachiepoo San Diego
07/09/13 6:42 pm

What are the 8 dudes up to?

allthatshimmers seky
07/09/13 6:28 pm

5'7". My mom is 4'11" and my dad is 5'6". I'm a giant in my family but my husband is 6'8" with a 5'11" mother and 6'4" father so I always feel short.

dawl adulting
07/09/13 6:40 pm

6'8!!!!!!! My first boyfriend was 6'5 and I had to stand on a step to kiss him. Can't imagine 6'8 :-)

gonk In a psychology textbook
07/09/13 5:07 pm

Something in the Mormon genes... Ha

paidert1 Columbus, Ohio
07/09/13 4:50 pm

Just barely. 5' 5 1/4" ... Sometimes I have been measured at 5' 6" but I don't know how that happens.

user321 Indiana
07/09/13 4:40 pm

5'9" is my husband, but he's all torso, and I'm all legs.

indigobleu dog taxi
07/09/13 4:31 pm

5'9" and very happy. Perfect height! Hubby is 5'5" and tall for his family.

accountdeleted earth
07/21/13 4:22 am

Same heights for me and my husband :)

indigobleu dog taxi
07/21/13 8:15 am

My hubby would be excited to hear that. After 20 years, he still points out every taller woman in a couple. Makes me laugh. That and he tells everyone I am 5'10. LOL. I know he knows better.

hvp828 Carolina girl
07/09/13 4:28 pm

5'3". Economy seating feels like 1st class to me. :)

07/09/13 5:47 pm


blackphoenix New York
07/09/13 3:38 pm

Somewhere between 5'7'' and 5'8'' :)

greeneyes616 RDH
07/09/13 3:34 pm

5'7" and hate it. I want to be short!!!

dawl adulting
07/09/13 6:42 pm

I want to be a little taller, why do you want to be short? I'm 5'5- always wanted longer legs!

greeneyes616 RDH
07/10/13 2:49 am

I guess I do have long legs, I've just never really noticed it that way. I am the same height as my husband so I can't wear heels without feeling like a giant and I get self conscious. I want to be small and petite and dainty!

DrCarpenter A2
07/09/13 2:55 pm

I'm rocking 5'2".

katpopcorn14 pinetree
07/09/13 3:49 pm

Me tooooo, best height there is