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Do you think you will live to be 100? (UserQ)

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nice_atheist Connecticut
09/15/11 9:56 pm

You know what'll piss me off, when I'm 80 years old and they find the drug to stop aging after 30 years old.

09/14/11 7:02 am

As a child I thought so because grandparents and extended family genes. But I am now 44 and been pretty sick several times now. Getting hard to keep up with my dad. Just not right. Grandma is 90 and still independent and clear headed. Even if I add their meds together I take more.

09/13/11 7:26 pm

my friend remarked we start our lives in diapers....and most likely will end our lives that way...want to live as long as I am able to find the humor in that statement

09/13/11 6:59 pm

I don't want to live that long unless I am in remarkably good shape like my 102 yr old Great Papa

09/13/11 12:23 am

@Zack100: a 65 year old today is way healthier and more capable to work than. 65 year old back when Social Security was started. As the life expectancy has increased, so has the average health.

Zack100 Tatooine
09/12/11 9:59 pm

@Perot I'd say no cuz the older you get the harder it is to work and the feebler you get! But that's up to congress and the prez so I have no say!

RJ1969 SoCal
09/12/11 9:57 pm

100?! I hope not. I'm thinking 115.

09/12/11 9:38 pm

HEH I answered no as I was taking a drag on my cigarette.

Herm31812 Pennsylvania
09/12/11 8:15 pm

@LuTang, every time I read your comments I think I agree with almost everything you've said. Especially this one! Haha

09/12/11 5:14 pm

I think only God knows if I will live to be 100. I will back up now and wait for my beating. lol

09/12/11 8:12 am

I probably won't hit 60! Lol. Die young, leave a good looking corpse. ;)

09/12/11 5:26 am

I know I'll hit 100. I'm hoping for 120! I love my life, I would live forever if I could! I miss all my relatives who were taken too soon.

09/12/11 4:07 am

If people routinely lived to 100, could we raise the retirement age for Social Security to 90?

09/12/11 2:56 am

I have a 24/7/365 personal trainer on call - so I have a perfect body.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/12/11 2:51 am

Once someone has to change my diaper, pull the plug.

09/11/11 10:27 pm

I'm a 12 year old vegan. So unless I die of unnatural causes, it's highly unlikely that I will die before 100 especially with future medications.

09/11/11 10:14 pm

It may sound immature, but I've always wanted to be 69 years old.

katniss Dallas, TX
09/11/11 10:11 pm

I'm taking a screenshot of these results because in 50 years I have a feeling the numbers will be a lot higher and it'll be interesting to look back.

katniss Dallas, TX
09/11/11 10:09 pm

At the way our generation is advancing I wouldn't be surprised if we could live a whole lot longer a whole lot more comfortably.

Zack100 Tatooine
09/11/11 9:39 pm

As long as my wife dies after me I'm good! I wouldn't want to be all alone with nobody!!!

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
09/11/11 6:07 pm

You may make 100 but your mind maybe gone,physically unable to do anything,so why would you want to live that long,unless you want to maxiu usage of your pension and S.S. benefits.

09/11/11 4:36 pm

what will you do when your 100???

09/11/11 4:17 pm

I consulted the Magic 8 Ball and it said "Outlook Promising" SWEET!!!!

09/11/11 3:59 pm

I'm getting close enough to the century mark that it causes me to say no. I don't want to be that old and there are a few people who post comments here that if I could personally meet them, they wouldn't make to 100 either! :-)

veritas… Texas
09/11/11 3:14 pm

Sadly, no. My family has a long history of heart disease. I eat very healthy, exercise a lot. But my heart will be the end of me…

I'm not sure I would even want to unless I was in good physical shape. If I can't run or travel, the end is near.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/11/11 2:13 pm

@anerobk so did I honey 62 and going strong. Hope you have a long happy life

09/11/11 1:59 pm

I hope I don't live that long. I don't want to burden those around me.

ThePugQueen NorCal
09/11/11 1:49 pm

Since I was 9, I always had a feeling I would die young. I'm not sure why.

Peaceful Minnesota
09/11/11 1:35 pm

I just heard on the radio recently that the 1st person to live to 150 may have already been born

09/11/11 12:56 pm

80 or 85 would be nice maybe 90

09/11/11 12:32 pm

But I don't want to be miserable and 100 no thanks. But I think reaching 70 might be nice.

09/11/11 12:27 pm

Lol. Only the young group thinks they will live that long. Ah youthful optimism.

Herm31812 Pennsylvania
09/11/11 11:47 am

@Purple, they're not good for the body, but the tastebuds love it, so does my stomach. Hahaha

Herm31812 Pennsylvania
09/11/11 11:45 am

Osama bin laden did not. Haha whichis great!

09/11/11 11:29 am

interesting that more men said yes, even though they are less likely.

09/11/11 11:22 am

Probably not. I work in a nursing home and I have seen the good and bad sides of it. You'd be amazed at how many people make it to 100 and can still walk, play cards, socialize, etc. It's awesome. I wouldn't want to outlive friends and family though. :(

09/11/11 11:03 am

I'm not sure I'd like it. If I was living in a nursing home unable to do anything on my own, barely aware of myself... But if science advances enough so I could live comfortably? Absolutely! As long as my family is still supporting me and the world isn't a complete disaster.

09/11/11 11:03 am

I'm not sure I'd like it. If I was living in a nursing home unable to do anything on my own, barely aware of myself... But if science advances enough so I could live comfortably? Absolutely! As long as my family is still supporting me and the world isn't a complete disaster.

30rockstar New York
09/11/11 11:00 am

I said yes to c wat other people said... I have no clue, but I would love to live to 100!!!

CaseyEE Atlanta
09/11/11 10:54 am

Women in my family tend to live a long time but none made it to 100. I suppose anythings possible but I don't think I want to live that long!

Dare567 New Jersey
09/11/11 10:34 am

I really wouldn't want to live past...75 or 80 I guess.