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jennamia Pennsylvania
07/24/13 10:46 pm

Depends on your morals obviously. I truly believe you should only have one spouse. Some people such as Mormons honestly and morally believe polygamy is ok. It's not my place to judge even though I disagree with it.

07/24/13 9:06 am

What do u mean 1-2? Should be 1. Moron

07/14/13 9:43 pm

Morally no, socially yes.

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 1:21 am

Not in my books, as long as its consensual. That said, it's not for me.

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 1:28 am

Kris, I'm embarrassed about the rating of your question. It's a wonderful question, but some people downrate because they don't agree with the content (not cool). Hope you aren't brought down!

CarolineL Maryland
07/15/13 7:05 am

I think the rating might be due to the wording of the question.. If 1-2 refers to the number of spouses then it doesn't make sense.

danvan03 idaho
07/17/13 12:43 am

Exactly! Thank you Caroline!

kskunish Illinois
07/12/13 8:46 pm

Depends on which definition of "morality " is used? The Bible... YES it is wrong.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/13/13 3:35 am

Citation please? I don't know of any verse or passage which specifically bans the practice for anyone other than church leadership. If it does, I'll listen. But I'm not familiar with any such passage.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
07/14/13 6:35 pm

You think the Bible is against polygamy? Have you ever read the thing? Obviously not.

mcdkm Houston
07/11/13 7:00 pm

Not any more morally wrong than same sex relationships but I think the chances of long term success is slim. It's hard enough for two people to live happily ever after without a third or fourth personality involved.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
07/14/13 6:36 pm

Hard enough for you. Don't project onto others.

HPNerd Hogwarts
07/11/13 5:29 pm

Why should it be wrong? What two or more consenting adults do is no one else's business. I am married and my husband and I are in a serious relationship with another person. Why should that be wrong? It's not cheating or underhanded in any way.

146787456777 .......
07/11/13 3:53 pm

depends on the type of polygamy. I'm not Mormon, even though I live in Utah, but I really don't care about polygamy unless we're talking the young girls being coerced scenario that should be illegal because those girls don't have a choice

146787456777 .......
07/11/13 3:54 pm

consenting adults is a different matter. as long as they are limited to one spouse on tax breaks, why should it matter. I personally would never want to live that way but its not my life, and not harming anyone so why try and control it.

louanne Westland
07/11/13 7:08 am

As long as you're an adult and this is your choice have at it. It's not for me, but whatever. However, I feel you should only be allowed to be legally (civil union) with one person, gender shouldn't matter.

sims3man68 California
07/10/13 6:26 pm

I wouldn't say that it's wrong, I just don't think it's for everyone. If I could find 3+ people who would be willing to commit to this, then I would wish them all a lifetime of happiness.

penelope USA
07/10/13 3:25 pm

I was in a polygamous relationship about 7 years ago and have witnessed more destruction of families and relationships from that lifestyle and I can even explain. I think it's very wrong.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
07/14/13 6:37 pm

It failed for you. You shouldn't be in a polygamous relationship. But others? Why should something be labeled morally wrong because its not something you personally can do? This is absurd AND fallacious (anecdotal fallacy).

deathvalley Chicago native
07/10/13 2:56 pm

I'm surprised that there are many people supportive of this...

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
07/14/13 6:39 pm

Surprised that there are many people who don't want to project their personal opinion onto what consenting adults are doing and not harming anyone? Why does this surprise you?

deathvalley Chicago native
07/14/13 9:10 pm

You guys have a personal opinion in how much I pay in taxes and why I should not own a gun!?
So yes, SHOCKED!

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/10/13 2:34 pm

In every polygamist "group" I've known and seen, someone gets jealous and hurt by not being the "one".

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/10/13 2:34 pm

I'm not a polygamist, but I know many who are.

rlc63 North Carolina
07/10/13 7:07 am

It's not for me, but I don't judge.

07/10/13 6:59 am

Big Love!

07/10/13 6:08 am

Societal norms are not for me, to each their own, just so long as they do not threaten the Liberty of others. As for me, I can't wait for our Kimy to move in with me and Claudia :)

ClunkySpoon Next to Oleta Adams
07/10/13 5:14 am

It's morally wrong but the government doesn't have a right to tell you what to do with it.

07/10/13 1:00 am

Look at all the hypocrites on show of hands. I cannot believe you would want to stop the love of three or more people to be in a "marriage"

Think Lovin Life
07/10/13 5:50 am

The silence of hypocritical gays is deafening.

07/10/13 12:01 am

Can something be morally wrong when all parties consent ? I don't know the answer to that, but polygamy would be way low near the bottom of the list along with feeding the dog cat treats without it's knowledge.

stephie4 Shockadelica
07/09/13 11:13 pm

I'm watching Big Love right now. If they're consenting adults, so be it.

theavgguy I.E.
07/09/13 11:08 pm

And this is what is wrong with this country no backbone. You either believe it is right or wrong period. If you think it is wrong or right say it and hold on to it. It is a cop out to say you think it is wrong but if two want to do it that's ok by me.

annabanana15 Maryland
07/14/13 7:58 pm

Not everything is black and white. There is grey everywhere.

07/09/13 11:07 pm

It would be interesting to know if those who feel polygamy is wrong, also feel that adultery and fornication is wrong.

theavgguy I.E.
07/09/13 11:10 pm

Adultery is wrong. Fornication well sorry I broke that law a long time ago.

07/10/13 1:02 am

If like to know how many think homo marriage is ok, but polygamy isn't. HYPOCRITES!

07/10/13 2:19 am

There's no such thing as "homo marriage". It's just marriage. You know. A human right between consenting adults.

Think Lovin Life
07/10/13 5:52 am

It is not a right, it is a privilege. The problem is that if you redefine marriage to include some deviants, then how can you exclude any deviants?

Yes, gays are deviants!

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 1:23 am

I only believe I getting married once, test driving the car is part of that consideration! I would sooner have kids than get married..

weallhave1 Tennessee
07/09/13 10:26 pm

People are already in the habit of having multiple long-term boy/girlfriends. What's the difference if they call it "marriage" or not?

theavgguy I.E.
07/09/13 10:57 pm

not at the same time under the same roof.

07/09/13 9:28 pm

IMO, it morally wrong, but consenting adults should do what they want to do. It does not negatively affect others.

07/09/13 9:26 pm

What harm are they really doing? I say live and let live.

natedog9999 California
07/09/13 7:31 pm

It shouldn't be anyone's decision on consenting adults love. If everyone in the group is happy with each other, why should we stop it? Personally I prefer giving my heart to one woman and that woman to give her heart to me because that makes me happy

Think Lovin Life
07/09/13 9:02 pm

Nate ... it's clear that you're a bigot because you have restricted love to only "consenting adults".

Who are you to define and or limit love?

natedog9999 California
07/09/13 9:22 pm

Think, could you please elaborate where I said love should be this way and only this way? I never did. I just stated that if all consenting adults are okay with loving each other, why shouldn't they love each other, contrary to you calling me a bigot

Think Lovin Life
07/09/13 10:10 pm

Nate ... you're focused only on "consenting adults", suggesting that only they are capable of love. While I think they're sick, your definition of acceptable love excludes deviants like NAMBLA.

Gays were scared spitless that the discussion ...

Think Lovin Life
07/09/13 10:11 pm

... would be expanded to include other deviants like NAMBLA, beastiality deviants and others.

The point is that these other deviants could use the EXACT same arguments that gays used to expand the definition of marriage to include themselves.

natedog9999 California
07/09/13 10:29 pm

Think, all I said was that the definition of love between consenting adults should not be tested. This refers to homosexuals, heterosexuals, two-person relationships, and polygamists. Definitely not NAMBLA. You're changing the argument....

natedog9999 California
07/09/13 10:30 pm

... I still never defined and / or limited the definition of love. Once again, all I said is that love between adults that is consensual should not be discriminated upon.

Think Lovin Life
07/10/13 5:54 am

Nate ... You limitation of love is "consenting adults". My point is that if you are going to redefine marriage to include some deviants (gays), then you can not restrict it to just "consenting adults"!

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 1:24 am

Only consenting adults can get married as is.. I know you're trying to make a point in your favor, but there's nothing wrong with making "exceptions" for people that you don't personally morally agree with and consider "deviants".

pateach2 love my son
07/09/13 7:10 pm

I believe in giving my heart to one person. I do not agree with polygamy whatsoever. Morally wrong? That's a tough question. I don't know if it's morally wrong however it is DEFINITELY not something id be ok with.

Congressman Louisiana
07/10/13 7:33 am

Don't get in a poly relationship then and you'll have no problem.

pateach2 love my son
07/10/13 7:44 am

That's exactly right.

tchance2 32218
07/09/13 6:34 pm

"If it makes them happy" isn't that the gay rights mentality?

Congressman Louisiana
07/09/13 6:50 pm

No it's the LOVE mentality.

deathvalley Chicago native
07/10/13 3:08 am

You're ignorant congressman!

That's not LOVE. That's CHEATING

deathvalley Chicago native
07/09/13 5:37 pm

It's just another way for a man to have multiple sex partners.
If they can't commit... Don't get married.

deathvalley Chicago native
07/10/13 3:07 am

Oh I'm ignorant because its DISGUSTING?
Thanks for your 2 cents

Gingerred primum non nocere
07/10/13 11:41 am

"It's disgusting"

A+ argument, you've really convinced me.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/10/13 2:36 pm

I've seen many women who have multiple men. (Silicon valley needs women!) and also multiple-male/multi-female groups.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/10/13 2:37 pm

Bisexual polygamy makes for quite a group. Well... Now that I've pondered that it's time to go back to work and duct tape my head back into one piece.

07/09/13 4:49 pm

Ones man is enough for me , why would you share your man with anyone or woman ? However I would like I another "wife" to cook and clean while I'm at work all day. Lol jk

XercesBlue ...
07/13/13 1:27 am

I joke about that with my bf too!

Sandshrew Centennial
07/09/13 4:48 pm

not my lifestyle choice but if you can get it to work go for it

Sandshrew Centennial
07/09/13 4:48 pm

not my lifestyle choice but if you can get it to work go for it

trance742 Ohio
07/09/13 4:46 pm

As long as everyone involved is okay with it

fredd TrumpLand
07/09/13 3:26 pm

I don't find the notion attractive, but I can't see what's wrong with letting mutually consenting adults do what they want.

ModerateGOP26 Maine
07/09/13 4:26 pm

Usually I am pretty live and let live, but I think this needs to stay illegal...

07/10/13 2:22 am

Why not simply abolish marriage as a governmental institution?

lesil Colorado
07/09/13 3:26 pm

Or maybe we should remove the government from marriage completely. It's a complicated issue.

lesil Colorado
07/09/13 3:21 pm

I think it is moral. The only thing is if we legalize it, we do have to adapt the law so that the benefits make sense in the context of multiple spouses.

Congressman Louisiana
07/09/13 3:36 pm

That's the hard part. At what point would government benefits cut off? Three spouses? Four? Ten? Seems like we'd have to start paying more into the system for people reaping benefits and tax breaks . Which is why I'd say...

Congressman Louisiana
07/09/13 3:37 pm

... With exception of legal recognition, wills, and power of attorney, government should not be involved in any marriage.

corino Utah
07/09/13 3:52 pm

If 3 or more people are married we call that polygamy (as well as a bunch of other technical terms).

Injectable Mojave Mo Problems
07/09/13 1:39 pm

Doesn't bother me one bit that someone wants their personal life to be based on personal choice. Doesnt infringe on anyone elses rights. Go Prostitution! as well.

corino Utah
07/09/13 3:54 pm

A common practice among some live in the hills polygamists is to have a bunch a wives and a bunch of kids and live off of the welfare checks of a bunch of single moms with kids. I'm a tax payer, that affects everyone.

musiklady Earth
07/09/13 12:16 pm

As long as everyone in a polyamorous relationship is happy, comfortable & not being forced, i don't see the big deal... Since half of all monogamous marriages fail nowadays, maybe that's a sign that monogamy isn't the best choice for everyone.

Think Lovin Life
07/09/13 9:06 pm

Musik ... as long as the relationship is self-supporting, go for it. Just don't ask me to pay for your lifestyle choices, whether gay or straight, single spouse or many!

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/09/13 11:08 am

Wow....So marrying multiple people is wrong but homosexual marriage is A-ok...another sickeningly ridiculous double standard. How stupid can people be...

07/09/13 3:12 pm

Would a polygamous gay family bother you?

escapist xoxo
07/09/13 11:06 am

Polygamy isn't always 3+ people in one relationship. Sometimes it's people in a relationship who are also in other relationships and its not cheating and everyone knows.
As long as everyone is cool with being/dating someone poly, no problem

07/09/13 10:35 am

I believe it's morally incorrect, but what you do at home is your business

avianflames Tennessee
07/09/13 10:19 am

why is it any of my business how many people yoy marry or what sex the are. morals are personal so is your marriage/sex life.

cato Santa Barbara, California
07/09/13 10:01 am

Try to marry more than one person = illegal.

Date or live/have sex with as many people as you want = not illegal.

I personally see no difference.

DeathSheep Michigan
07/09/13 9:40 am

Saying setting is morally wrong has always been kinda stupid to me. Your morals, my morals, and everyone else's morals are all different. Judging something you do by MY morals, is just as bad as saying your stupid for not being MY religion.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/09/13 9:12 am

Polygamy means multiple wives or husbands, not partners. But i take it you mean multiple partners

07/09/13 9:02 am

Wooo...wait a minute! According to THIS poll, polygamy is morally wrong and in past polls homosexuality is not? Where are all the "love is love", "you can't help who you fall in love with", "love comes in all kind of forms/ways", liberal arguments?

Injectable Mojave Mo Problems
07/09/13 1:43 pm

Gay marriage still falls within the traditional definition in that its 2 people. I could see how adding +1 might upset even the gay married.

duey in a fools paradise
07/09/13 8:54 am

Well since its a brave new world out there and as long as it is between consenting adults WTH? Go for it. Same thing with Pizza and his uncle, love is love, right?

dudley northern Virginia woods
07/09/13 8:48 am

Not morally wrong. But slavery and abuse are morally wrong.

Matt1981 The Who Dat Nation
07/09/13 8:53 am

Well glad that a different subject that has absolutely nothing to do with this poll! Good point though I think...

Congressman Louisiana
07/09/13 8:57 am

Matt, never heard of the Mormon cult?

dudley northern Virginia woods
07/09/13 9:01 am

Sometimes slavery and abuse are part of polygamy if the woman doesn't have a choice.,I read an article once by a woman who had literally escaped from such a situation. Extremely high sexual abuse stats where polygamy is legal.

Congressman Louisiana
07/09/13 9:05 am

Implying slavery and abuse doesn't happen outside polygamy.

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
07/09/13 10:16 am

Mormons haven't practiced polygamy since 1890 when the church abolished it. This is 2013 you know. There's some small enclaves of people that do it, but they're not Mormons.

07/09/13 1:40 pm

No, Congressman, they are not.

corino Utah
07/09/13 4:00 pm

Those who practice polygamy now days are as Mormon as the Pope.

Think Lovin Life
07/09/13 9:08 pm

Congressman ... declare your bigoted self. If you are really a representative of the people, you deserve to be outed for your ignorant comments.