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fredd July 8th, 2013 6:15pm

Have you been to 10 or more states of the USA?

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fredd TrumpLand
07/09/13 7:36 am

I asked because I read somewhere that 80% of Americans visit less than 10 states in their lifetimes. It looked like one of those made-up statistics.

moonshot More often I know nothing
07/09/13 8:23 am

I think I should post a poll on when to use less or fewer. Most people get this wrong. :)

Jungle in the dog house
07/08/13 6:09 pm

Way more, but this question has been asked so often that I'm not going to list them anymore.

jmz1202 Sacramento
07/08/13 12:50 pm

I've actually only been outside of a building in 11 states. I've been inside airports in 5 others.

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
07/08/13 12:29 pm

I think I've been to more nations than us states...

moonshot More often I know nothing
07/08/13 12:19 pm

I have been to 49. I have yet to find a reason to visit Michigan.

eLucidate writing
07/08/13 11:49 am

I've been to 27 so far but I would like to see most of them.

AnnaRose Texas
07/08/13 11:42 am

California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, Michigan, Ohio, Montana. Those are the ones I've actually done something in, but I've driven through a few more.

susanr Colorado
07/08/13 11:38 am

I've *lived* in almost that many (8, if you include DC), sometimes for a good number of years. I've visited or driven through almost all of the contiguous 48.

07/08/13 11:31 am

After adding them all up I've been in 27 states....had no idea it was that many!

07/08/13 11:23 am

Some day, fredd....some day.....

inge MIA
07/08/13 11:21 am

I've been to a little more than half of them. The rest are on my bucket list...I mostly have the south left to see.

fredd TrumpLand
07/08/13 11:19 am

So far I've only been to California, Oregon, Washington and Virginia as well as the District of Colombia, not counting flight connections.

07/08/13 11:23 am

We need to add mass to that list.

moonshot More often I know nothing
07/08/13 12:21 pm

If you get off the plane, I'd count the state as visited.

07/08/13 11:17 am

I've been to at 20 states.

07/08/13 11:22 am

And one quasi, territory, pit of hell, secret volcano base behind the waterfall, diamond shaped, state straddling, government promise land known as the district of columbia. ;)

07/08/13 11:30 am

*at least

And true. I guess that counts. I've been to a lot of different parts of the country.

susanr Colorado
07/08/13 11:39 am

pipes, It doesn't sound as if you went anywhere worthwhile in DC - Smithsonian museums (including the National Zoo), other museums, historical sites, great restaurants, interesting neighborhoods... It's not all a pit.

07/08/13 11:41 am

I've been there and I love it. I'm just a big bowl full of sarcasm, as rlands will tell you.