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paul61 Arizona
07/31/12 2:35 pm

Yes, depends on sentence structure, or even context

07/23/12 10:07 pm

Ee-ther usually, but Eye-ther feels right sometimes, especially when I'm using the word by itself. "I don't feel well ee-ther." "I would like eye-ther the duck or the beef, not the chicken." Seems pretty arbitrary.

07/23/12 9:09 pm

I thought it depended on the structure of the sentence.
For ex sayEYE-ther if there's a vowel after the word: EYE-ther elephants or horses but you pronouce EE-ther when a constant is after: EE-ther ducks or pigsYou do the exact same when your pronouncing the word the. ThEE w/ vowel & the the w/ con

sbakh1012 New York
07/22/12 4:54 pm

Sometimes I say eether and sometimes I say eye-ther

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/22/12 2:40 pm

Say it however you feel. "Eether" is the intended pronunciation.

07/22/12 8:14 am

EYE-ther makes me feel British. :)

wirenerd Somersworth
07/22/12 6:26 am

It truly depends on the context.
"He wants EE-ther this or that,"
"We go EYE-ther here or there,"

23 Texas
07/22/12 1:54 am

I say it either way; it just depends. But usually it's EYE-THER

Nerdz Texas
07/22/12 1:35 am

But it depends on the sentence

07/21/12 10:34 pm

It depends on the context of the sentence I'm speaking

true Home
07/21/12 10:14 pm

geez it took me forever to understand this question! I had to look at the comments just to understand it! ha but EE mostly!

ahsu Ohio
07/21/12 9:13 pm

Depends on the context. I said eye-ther though bc I feel I use that more often.
I say "eye-ther way" and "I don't like that ee-ther" so it depends on what sentence I use it in.

AnnieM The Island
07/21/12 8:32 pm

I say both, but I think most often I say "eye-ther". At least, I know that most folks around here say "ee-ther" and I get the same weird look when I say "either" that I do when I say "pro-gress"

07/21/12 6:59 pm

Both, it depends on the context "you EE-ther" or "EYE-ther you.."

elbow82 Veganland
07/21/12 6:09 pm

I think I say it both ways, but more often EE

Zack100 Tatooine
07/21/12 5:58 pm

I say EEther or, But EYEther this or that

Zack100 Tatooine
07/21/12 5:54 pm

This is a quiz that NEEDS A THIRD ANSWER!!!!!!! everyone says it both ways!

qchulk Indiana
07/21/12 5:39 pm

Depends on the phrase I'm using, I use both.

Lolnope Somewhere silly
07/21/12 4:21 pm

When I first read this, I thought it was talking about Ethernet XD

MNchallenger Minneapolis
07/21/12 3:32 pm

Either way works for me. <~~~ I pronounced that with an EE

pretorian Florida
07/21/12 1:50 pm

AFAIK eyether was introduced by Prince Albert who was German where ei is pronounced that way and it became a fad.
In other words : eyether is wrong.

goldy California
07/21/12 12:45 pm

Ok I think the pattern is dependent on the phonemes of the previous word. For example: "me EEtheir," "no, EYEtheir this or that," "it was EYEtheir one or the other."

goldy California
07/21/12 12:41 pm

I use both. I'm not sure if there's a pattern to my usage though.

EarlyBird Portland
07/21/12 12:35 pm

I don't know anyone who says eye.

07/21/12 11:14 am

I will use either eether or eyether. It depends on what I'm saying.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
07/21/12 11:06 am

I say eether. I think I've heard eyether once or twice. Sounds funny that way to me.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
07/21/12 11:03 am

I think I use 'eether' more, but, like everyone else said, it depends on what I'm saying.

kjos PNW
07/21/12 10:33 am

Both. Similarly as others have stated previously - depends on the context.

shannynh Arizona via SF Bay Area
07/21/12 10:25 am

It actually depends on the context, but usually the former I believe.

07/21/12 9:25 am

Both. Depends on the context of the sentence.

Zack100 Tatooine
07/21/12 9:21 am

I actually prefer eyether bit will say eether! Depends on what context