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FIAT2LUX July 8th, 2013 5:45pm

Generally speaking, do you prefer to take the stairs or the elevator?

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RyanOH Ohio
07/09/13 4:59 pm

Depends on how many levels I'm going up/down.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/08/13 2:58 pm

I hate waiting around for the elevator. I've even taken 7 flights of stairs up in an evening gown because the line was just too long. I got upstairs sooner than those waiting!!!

techkak north coast
07/08/13 1:50 pm

If it's just a few stories I will take stairs. Anything over 4 stories, take the elevator

yesmaam socal
07/08/13 1:44 pm

I am so impatient, I can't wait 5 minutes for that elevator. Plus, there's always the dire possibility that I'll be stuck in there, which wastes even more time.

MassAsks Boston
07/08/13 1:31 pm

I should take the stairs, but elevators are just too much fun!

r3VOLution not of this world
07/08/13 12:03 pm

Depends on the number of floors I have to go up. 10 is the max if walk up.

eLucidate writing
07/08/13 11:26 am

In my mind using the stairs makes up for how lazy I am the rest of the day.

07/08/13 11:11 am

I take the stairs because I have a fear of the cable snapping in the elevator.

07/08/13 10:59 am

I always take the stairs. Elevators make me dizzy sometimes.

07/08/13 10:56 am

Stairs all the way. Elevators freak me out.

Minyanko Tumblr
07/08/13 10:53 am

Stairs, that way I get a bit of exersize in the short time I'm at the mall to need to use em.

07/08/13 10:52 am

It's probably roughly even for me. I don't have all that many chances to test my hypothesis, though. There are very few buildings in my life that have an elevator because there just aren't many tall buildings around here.