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chinito July 8th, 2013 5:42pm

Whether you believe in God or not, do you think that someone giving you a blessing can attract good luck?

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comppete Las Vegas
07/08/13 2:41 pm

I believe that when anybody wishes you well, it's a good thing. And, if it doesn't hurt, why not do it. Do any of us REALLY know the power it may have.

chickencookie Merry Christmas
07/08/13 1:07 pm

I love blessings. Be it priest rabbi or new age talker - ill take it.

elianastar FreeSpeech
07/08/13 11:52 am

Like magic? No. However, words have power. Speaking kindness, grace, mercy, & affirmations on others very powerful because they impact neurobiology of others, empowering positive effect. But not in a magical kind of way.

elianastar FreeSpeech
07/08/13 11:56 am

Encouraging & uplifting ppl can have positive effect on someone's choices which could "change luck." But that would result in making choices from position of strength & optimism which would likely improve outcome.

EarlyBird Portland
07/08/13 11:13 am

Even though I don't believe, I like hearing it.

political Georgia
07/08/13 10:55 am

God hears you out even when you're not saying a blessing. He is a wonderful God!

chinito Florida
07/08/13 10:49 am

I am not religious but I think that wishing someone good things can have a nice result.

Lets see if it works.

May you receive a good news today!

whitepuppy Happy Birthday
07/08/13 10:44 am

A simple blessing like God bless you can do so much.